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VANNER Returns with 2nd Mini Album 'CAPTURE THE FLAG'

VANNER captures the flag...and our hearts.

VANNER, the rising K-pop boy group that won the JTBC survival show PEAK TIME, has made a groundbreaking comeback with their second mini album titled CAPTURE THE FLAG on January 30th, 6:00 PM (KST).

Vanner capture the flag

VANNER: Capturing Flags, Views, and Hearts

The album consists of six tracks that showcase VANNER's musical growth and versatility, as well as their strong determination and ambition to achieve their dreams. The title track "JACKPOT" is a catchy and upbeat song that expresses VANNER's confidence and excitement as they play the 'capture the flag' game. The song was produced by HUI and WOOSEOK of PENTAGON, who are also known for their hit songs "Shine" and "Daisy".

A Dive Into the Tracklist

Across the Stars

Other tracks include "Across The Stars", a romantic ballad that compares VANNER's love to a beam of starlight that guides them through the darkness.

Capture the Flag

This masterpiece is a powerful and energetic song that reflects VANNER's identity and mission.


"Runaway", on the other hand, channels a funky energy that invites listeners to escape from reality and enjoy the moment.


Living up to its name, this sweet and cheerful melody personifies VANNER's gratitude and happiness towards their fans.


Titled after the superstars on the rise, "Vanner" captivates audiences through its warm sincerity that reveals the idol group's heart-stirring story.

A Collision of Stars

The album also features the participation of other K-Pop hitmakers, such as NATHAN (worked with EXO, SHINee, and NCT), Lim Hyunsik of BTOB (composed and arranged "Across The Stars"), and Ryan Jhun (produced "Runaway"). The lyrics of the album were written by VANNER member GON, who also participated in the rap composition for "JACKPOT".

VANNER releases "Capture the Flag" mini album | Image courtesy of KLAP ENTERTAINMENT

VANNER has released a highlight medley video of the album, which gives a glimpse of the different genres and styles of the songs. The video has received positive feedback from fans and netizens, who are basking in the glory of the group's comeback.

TAEHO, GON, HYUNSOO, AHXIAN, and YOUNGKWANG are back to capture the flag and captivate the music industry.



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