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IU’s "Love Wins All" Featuring BTS’ V Won Our Hearts And Tears

IU is making a comeback after 4 years and the pre-release track featuring BTS’ V already has us bawling our eyes out.

IU and BTS'V
IU and BTS' V in "Love Wins all" | Screen Capture from Edam Entertainment

South Korean singer and actor, IU, is all set to make a comeback with a brandnew album after four years. To boost the anticipation even higher, the multi-faceted artist dropped her pre-release MV titled "Love Wins All" on January 24th at 00:00 KST. The heartwrenching music video co-starred V of BTS, making it a treat for both Uaena and ARMY.

While we already predicted that the track would be a masterpiece, we did not expect it to punch us in our hearts and squeeze all the sadness out of our tear glands.

IU and BTS V
IU and V starring in "Love Wins All" | Screen Capture from IU Official

The music video was a five-minute short film that we dare say would give award-winning short films a run for their money.

Image From IU’s Official Twitter| Love Wins All Official Release Poster

Love 'Till The End

The "Love Wins All" music video starts off with a couple running in a forest. Portrayed by IU—who is mute—and V who appears to be blind in one eye, the duo flees from a strange cube like object. The object seems to have destroyed the rest of the population, and they are the survivors.

IU and Kim Taehyung V
IU and V| Screen Capture From IU Official
IU and V| Screen Capture From IU Official

On top of the magnetizing visuals that thia MV offers, once IU's warm, melodious voice graces the track, you know it's going to earn a spot at the top of your playlist.

The next scene finds the couple entering an abandoned store where they come across a camcorder. The magic of it all is that when they look through the lens, it is as if things are okay and normal.

They can smell and see the food and happy people around them, and we can see the cute couple playing around in wedding attire.

It isn't hard to get emotionally invested in the mini movie, especially during the joyful moments in between the apocalyptic chaos. It even reaches the point that you almost forget about the cube, but when they seem to get too happy, evil rears its head.

IU and V
"Love Wins All" | Screen Capture from IU Official

Symbolic Significance In The MV

The music video is rich in symbolic meaning, and though there are various interpretations, here's our take on the significant objects and their meanings.

The Cube: As per the MV director, Um Tae Hwa, the cube-like object is called Nemo. Some assume it's a zombie infected by a virus; others fear it's an alien power. However, the square actually symbolizes discrimination against the protagonists. On top of that, it can also represent various forms of discrimination and oppression prevalent in our daily lives.

Love Wins All by IU
The cube chasing IU and V | Screen Capture from IU Official

Camcorder: According to the creators, although the video is set in the present, the camcorder's screen shows a world that was good before it went bad. The camera lens lets us see more than just what the characters look like. It's like a love filter.

BTS V in Love Wins All
BTS V With The Magical Camcorder| Screen Capture From IU Official

IU’s Lip Ring: The gentle ring adorning IU's lips hints at constrained expression and communication.

Love Wins All by IU
IU in the "Love Wins All" MV | Screen Capture from Official IU

V’s Stone Eye: The BTS member's character is blind in one eye. The impaired eye is depicted in a blue stone, which likely represents the difficulties that they are experiencing.

BTS V in Love Wins All by IU
BTS' V | Screen Capture from IU Official

The Wedding Attire: People are curious about why IU and V chose to wear wedding attire in the music video. In the last scenes, they put on a wedding dress and tuxedo discovered in the ruins, likely a nod towards their love. Engaging in activities like singing and capturing moments that may be challenging in their daily lives, these traditional symbols convey a sense of freedom and happiness.

IU and BTS' V in wedding attire
IU and BTS' V in wedding attire | Screen Capture from IU Official

The Emotional Ending

There are several theories of the videos available online and each one is just better than the other. It is safe to say that the MV is a roller coaster of emotions and the chemistry between the pair is just wonderful.

IU and V
IU and V | Screen Capture from IU Official

Although we do not know for sure what the cube represents, it seemed like it abducted/ended/consumed humans and piled up their clothes in one place. The clothes in the music video represent people who are no longer here, and they act as a lasting connection to their identity. So believe us when we say that the wedding dress and tuxedo play a heartbreaking role in this MV!

We got to witness a glimpse of actor Kim Taehyung, and it just opened up our expectations of seeing him act more in the future.

All through the music video we see IU protect V, but at the end V tries protecting IU. However, does it work?

You need to watch the video to see how it concludes!

For now, we can attest that what they say is true; “Love Wins All”.



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