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UNICODE Debuts with "Let Me Love" Produced by B1A4's Jin Young

UNICODE makes their K-Pop debut with city pop bop, "Let Me Love".

On April 17, UNICODE made their debut "Let Me Love", the carrier single of the album, "HELLO WORLD: CODE J EP.1". Formed through XX Entertainment's online audition program, Project K, the quintet captured viewers' hearts way before their official industry debut.

UNICODE | Image courtesy of XX Entertainment

Star-Powered Debut

Hana, Mio, Erin, Soo-Ah, and Yura made their grand entrance in the K-Pop sphere with a debut single produced by Jin Young, who many Hallyu fans know as the leader of idol group, B1A4, and as an actor who lent his charm to K-Dramas like Love In the Moonlight, Police University, and Sweet Home 2. The multifaceted artist has also produced a fleet of hits for industry heavyweights, such as Oh My Girl, I.O.I., and, of course, B1A4.

Similarly, the music video was a playful masterpiece that synergized with the optimistic vibe of the song. Produced by Walala Studio—led by Super Junior's Shindong—UNICODE's debut has star power written all over it.

What's In a Name?: Uniting the World Through K-City Pop

The name UNICODE comes from combining the words 'unity' and 'code', mirroring the members' goal to unite the world. The five-strong brings a fun and light K-city pop energy to the scene, being the first group to embody this energetic subgenre.

HELLO WORLD: CODE J EP.1 takes the audience on a magical adventure into the new universe of UNICODE. The title track "Let Me Love" showcases the artists' unique concept and the respective talents of each one of the members. The EP also includes tracks like "Invi: Bon Voyage," "Blur," "Spring on my 20th," and "Drizzle." To complete the debut album, UNICODE presents an outro track that announces the group's journey ahead and calls for the audience to wait for the quintet's next step.



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