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XG Slated to Release New Single "WOKE UP" on May 21st

Another XG comeback is on the brink of breaking the music industry. "WOKE UP" will be the girl group's first rap single.

Famous for their mastery in the genres of R&B and hip hop, XG is breaking new ground by testing the waters of rap.

Woke up by XG
XG's new single "WOKE UP" will hit streaming platforms on May 21 | Image courtesy of XGALX
XG's new single "WOKE UP" will hit streaming platforms on May 21

Woke Up Lookin' Like This

Their upcoming single titled "WOKE UP" is set to launch on May 21, marking the seven-piece's return to the music charts. As XG's debut rap single, the track features cutting-edge flair that synergizes with the signature 808 electric drum beats found in iconic Asian music styles. As always, the song highlights the members" individual talents, putting strong emphasis on how they continuously live up to their name, "Extraordinary Girls". JAKOPS (SIMON), the group’s executive producer, even included XG’s unique philosophy in the song, represented by the lyric ‘Woke up lookin' like this.

The highly-anticipated song will be available on streaming platforms and in a special CD box. Fans can avail of the CD Box (with 1 CD-R, 1 lyric sheet, and 2 logo stickers) for only ¥1,100. Along with the announcement, the septet shared that the graphic art of their new era includes modern and urban culture references.

The new release comes after a series of hits, such as “SHOOTING STAR” and “LEFT-RIGHT”. Both released in 2023, the masterpieces surpassed more than 300 million streams on digital platforms. "GRL GVNG”, the pre-release of the mini-album “NEW DNA”, reached the top of Billboard’s ‘Hot Trending Songs Powered by Twitter’, while the mini-album reached the top of Billboard JAPAN’s ‘Hot Albums’.

World Tour: The First HOWL

Following their back-to-back hits, XG also announced their first world tour. ‘XG 1st WORLD TOUR ‘The first HOWL’ begins in May 2024. Mark your calendars, ALPHAZ!



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