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Call me an idealist, because that's exactly what I am. As far as I'm concerned, unicorns are real, the rainbow does lead to a pot of gold, dandelions are made for wishes, berets are necessary, and the possibilities are infinite. Truly, the only thing that doesn't exist is the impossible🌟 

Need some unsolicited advice?: Life is an adventure book and you are the author. Whether you choose to write, draw, scribble, or fold the paper into origami pigeons; the pages are yours. Translate your magic into your own words 

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The Dream Team


KD Rossly

Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Connect on Social Media:

Instagram and Twitter: @kd_rossly

Youtube: PopMachine Youtube Channel

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Executive Director

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Dale Rossly

Graphic Designer and Writer

Connect on Social Media: 

Instagram and Twitter: @dale_rossly

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Shir Dagan


Shir Dagan

Faiza Sultana


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Nabila Putri



Livia Velez