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XG Lives Their Best Hip-Hop Life in New "XG TAPE" Videos

Living out the meaning of their name, XG is always extraordinary.

XG girl group
XG at Head In the Clouds | Image from @xgofficial on Instagram

XG stands for Extraordinary Girls, and they've made it their mission to live up to their title. Keeping their content consistent and newfangled, the Japanese idol ensemble has their sparkly fingers on the pulse of the industry's trends.


The seven-piece has officially released their highly-awaited performances of "Two Tens" (HARVEY, MAYA) and "Nothin’” (JURIN, COCONA). Fresh off their exclusive appearance on the Head in the Clouds stage, the members shared the music videos that are part of the hip-hop series ‘XG TAPE’, from XG LAB STUDIO.

Never failing to collect double-taps, ‘XG TAPE’ shines the spotlight the members’ versatile and unique talents. The footage highlights the girls as they take over multicultural New York with retro influences of the 1990s and bustling rap elements of the 2000s.

Nothin' is Everything

‘Nothin'’ is a rhythmic reinterpretation of N.O.R.E.'s (feat. Pharrell Williams) original version. Taking this timeless piece and XG-fying it yet another attestation to their artistic dexterity. (Be it original, cover, or remix; these girls gotchu!)

Two Tens Out of Ten

'Two Tens’ reformulates the modern rap influences in a melodic rendition of Cordae’s (feat. Anderson Paak and produced by J. Cole) original beat. If you want a dose of the lustrous urban culture that naturally runs through XG’s DNA, 'Two Tens' is a must-watch.


The exclusive ‘XG TAPE’ series started during the band's pre-debut phase and has since always been a viral sensation. This includes TAPE #2 ‘GALZ XYPHER’, which has drawn the attention of global stars like J.I.D, Kelly Rowland, Bebe Rexha, and Kehlani.

Featuring lyrics in English, Japanese, and Korean, XG proves that borders and barriers mean nothin'.

XG girl group
XG | Image from @xgofficial on Instagram



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