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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] TRENDZ Makes Your New Dayz Brighter with Their Signature Sunny Charm

TRENDZ step into New Dayz while they shine in many ways.

TRENDZ | Image from @trendz_offcl on Instagram

It's only been a year since TRENDZ debuted, yet they are already raking in millions of views on YouTube, millions of double-taps on social media, and countless fans all over the globe.

The rising stars took the rookie stage of idol-hood to the next level by releasing hits that never miss. Their most recent song, "NEW DAYZ", proves to be a powerful anthem that signifies a new chapter in TRENDZ's book of stardom. Better days are on the horizon; that's what the seven-piece band croons about.

Havit, Leon, Yoonwoo, Hankook, ra.L, Eunil, and Yechan stand as the seven pillars of a K-Pop ensemble destined to stand at the forefront of the Hallyu Wave.

To wave a celebratory flag for their unstoppable climb to the top, PopMachine had a fun chat with TRENDZ to talk about the BLUE SET era, their morning routines, goals for 2023, and their endless gratitude towards FRIENDZ.

★ POPMACHINE: Hello, TRENDZ! Nice to meet you, and congratulations on the launch of your newest album. Can you tell us about the inspiration for "Blue Set Chapter: New Dayz"?

-EUNIL: The album BLUE SET Chapter. NEW DAYZ' is the last story of the BLUE SET world vision that we’ve been following since our debut! Through this album, we worked hard to show that BLUE SET would come to an end, but TRENDZ would write a new story! And if we showed strong and performance-lead songs until now, we tried to show a shiny and punk side with 'NEW DAYZ'~ I think its lyrics "I’m waiting for new days” somehow represents well how TRENDZ accepts the end and a new beginning!

★ POPMACHINE: The music video for the carrier single, "New Dayz", features a storyline that looks like it came straight out of an action movie, yet seems to convey a deeper meaning about violence and new beginnings. The acting was on-point too! Talk to us about the main message of the music video.

-YOONWOO: In this music video, we wanted to portray a big message: “It doesn’t matter what hardships, there are new days ahead, so let’s overcome the difficulties together!” Actually, since the running time of the video is short, it was difficult to include all the meaning, but if you watch it, there are many scenes in which we live happy moments together and laugh, it would be great if you could pay attention to those scenes! We were very happy when shooting them! ^^

-YECHAN: And, since everyone faces hardships and others cannot understand it 100%, we should be careful when giving a message of comfort. But, if you’re facing a hard time, I hope you don’t deal with it alone. We shot it with the thought that it would be great if TRENDZ and TRENDZ’s songs could bring some comfort in those moments!

★ POPMACHINE: Can you walk us through the writing and production process of the album? Which parts did the members write or produce?

-RA.L: As expected, our rap line took part in the writing of the lyrics! All the rap parts were written by us. Particularly, when we received the song ‘NEW DAYZ’, contrary to our previous albums, our rap parts didn’t have a guide and it was a free song different from the style we’ve shown until now, so there was a certain weight and worries when writing the songs. But, as I talked to Hankook and Yechan, I gradually got a path and, since it was a different song from what we’ve shown so far, I decided to write the lyrics with a feeling of fun and freedom.

★ POPMACHINE: "New Dayz" is driven by such powerful lyrics, If you could use one line as an SNS bio, which one would it be?

-RA.L: In my case, I’d choose the lyric that I wrote: "I’m gonna win, I won’t hit the break”! That’s because I think this verse is very similar to TRENDZ, who is always running. In the future, we want to make FRIENDZ happy and with no breaks. haha

-EUNIL: I’d choose the part: “I’ll keep the promise I didn’t fulfill, waiting for new days”! Because I think it has everything we wanted to express in this album. I also chose this part because I’m always excited waiting for a new day every day.

★ POPMACHINE: Do you have any favorite off-cam moments while bringing this hit album to life?

-HANKOOK: Absolutely. Many people got interested in the song ‘NEW DAYZ’ and praised it, so I felt very well! That’s why I’m able to sleep comfortably every night.

-YECHAN: When our song was yet to be released, I was happy and excited to hear it with headphones while walking~ I got really happy imagining everybody going to work or coming back from it listening to our song while thinking: “I must be the only one listening to this song now, right?”!

★ POPMACHINE: Given that the title of your recent title song is "New Dayz", what do each of you look forward to when a new day arrives? What is your usual mindset when you wake up in the morning?

-HAVIT: When a new day starts, I get anxious thinking: “What kind of day will today be?”. And I always wake up 2 hours before my morning schedule and I get ready by spending some free alone time! I wake up and I compromise to spend the day happy with a thankful heart! After that, I start exercising and prepare my lunchbox to relax my mind!

-LEON: It might be a small expectation, but I look forward to the moment of breakfast! The moment I have a coffee during the day, I know I’ll feel well and have energy, so I look forward to this moment. Besides that, when I wake up in the morning, I start my day with a resolution saying: “Let’s enjoy it to the max!”

TRENDZ | Image from @trendz_offcl on Instagram

★ POPMACHINE: The other two songs on your album, "Nightmare" and "Fantasy", are beautiful polar opposites. One carries a darker, fiercer tune while the other is driven by a bright energy. Which concept do you enjoy performing more?

-YOONWOO: You may think that the bright energy is better for everyone to enjoy together, but, particularly, I think both songs are good. We think that, if we show different charms in each song, the listeners will enjoy even more and we’ll certainly do it haha

-RA.L: I think “Fantasy” is the most fun concept to perform. The song itself has a fun flow and the writing inside it is also complete, but I think it was made not to look excessive so I think everyone who watches the performance will be able to enjoy it.

★ POPMACHINE: It has been about a year since you debuted (congratulations again!). Can you describe what year 1 of TRENDZ was like?

-HANKOOK: The year has gone so quickly that I haven’t realized it yet. Still, when I think of what we’ve done so far, I feel proud to know that all our members have been working hard.

-EUNIL: Indeed, it seems like our debut showcase was yesterday, but when people said it was a year ago, I felt like time really flies. I got very proud and happy to have made many memories with FRIENDZ in one year!

We tried to show a variety of visuals by releasing 3 albums in one year after our debut, there are still some points in which we need to improve, but every time we release an album I think we get a little more mature, so we are looking forward to the next 1 and 2 years! We’ll work even harder. haha

★ POPMACHINE: In 2022, your band graced many stages with stellar performances. Can your fans (Friendz) look forward to any concerts, fan meetings, or special stages this year?

-HAVIT: There isn’t anything specifically decided, but in 2023 we are working hard to visit FRIENDZ in many different ways!

We are practicing hard because we want to perform not only in Korea but also abroad, so, please, wait for it!

★ POPMACHINE: Your music is gaining a lot of attention, and your fandom is growing everyday. What is the most memorable fan comment or fan interaction you've had, so far?

-EUNIL: Lately, during the promotions, the music shows have been very memorable. Many fans came to see our performances and the fanchants were so loud that we were able to hear them! So, every time I get to the stage, I feel very happy and full of pride, that’s why I look happy on the screen! (So I think I’m looking more handsome too! haha)

-RA.L: I also remember the mini-fan meeting! The weather is good now, so we’ve been making mini-fan meetings with FRIENDZ outside. The weather is good and I get really happy when I see the FRIENDZ who support us!

-YECHAN: It’s always memorable when our foreign fans write comments on our videos or social media. Though being away from us, when our videos or posts are uploaded, seeing you leaving praising comments faster than anyone else, I think it’s amazing and I’m grateful!

★ POPMACHINE: What is TRENDZ's proudest moment, so far?

-LEON: We went to our first award ceremony last December and we are very proud of it! We felt very proud when we won an award at the AAA (Asia Artist Awards) and the moment we perform the performance we had prepared.

-EUNIL: I agree with Leon! It was our biggest proud moment when we won the award last year! It was TRENDZ’s first-ever award and it was a very, very happy moment because it felt like it was given to us by FRIENDZ, who always support us, and by the activities that we prepared and performed with a lot of effort during one year. I think this award is the trampoline for TRENDZ and FRIENDZ to run toward the top in the future. We’ll work hard to show you a better image!

★ POPMACHINE: Circling back to your music video for "New Dayz", the concept shows you all standing up for yourselves and each other. In real life, which member is the group's fiercest defender?

-YOONWOO: It’s not easy to say it myself, but I think it’s probably our leader Hankook and I. haha As the leader, Hankook takes care of us like a mother and I also, in my own way, consider myself to be TRENDZ’s father. So, including the leader Hankook, I think we help when we have problems or have to make a decision, I think we frequently play the role of providing a guide to the group.

-YECHAN: I think it’s Yoonwoo! Though he was the last to join TRENDZ, he’s the members’ mental support. He’s a person who listens to our worries and gives us a solution! When we are confused or don’t know what to do, Yoonwoo has a solid mentality that never panics! And that’s why we and even the company staff consider him a person who’s being an idol in his second life. He’s TRENDZ’s essential guardian!!

★ POPMACHINE: You all seem really close, like brothers. Do you have any nicknames for each other that fans don't know about yet?

-RA.L: Actually, I like calling members by nicknames and I’m good at creating nicknames! TRENDZ talks a lot to FRIENDZ and, if we make up a cute nickname, we like to share it with FRIENDZ, so I don’t think there is a nickname that FRIENDZ doesn’t know! Still, among the nicknames I created, the ones I like the most are “Orangekook” for Hankook who likes orange sweatshirts, and “Yemmin” for the talented Yechan! hohoho

★ POPMACHINE: What is your ultimate goal for 2023, and how are you going to reach it?

-EUNIL: Our goal for 2023 it’s meeting as many FRIENDZ as possible and making TRENDZ’s name known through good songs.

I think the beginning was this album, NEW DAYZ, and we are working really hard on our activities. We are planning to prepare many places where we can meet FRIENDZ and the public, even if it’s something small. I hope you look forward to it.

Please, follow as TRENDZ becomes more mature! haha

★ POPMACHINE: Thank you so much for chatting with us! Before we cap this interview off, do you have a message to Friendz and the PopMachine readers?

-HAVIT: FRIENDZ and PopMachine readers who read until now, thanks for taking your precious time. In the future, I’ll show a charming image that will awaken your curiosity, so, please, keep an eye on it~!! Shall we… love each other?! ෆ⸒⸒ >.<

-LEON: FRIENDZ! I think TRENDZ exists thanks to the love and support you send us every day. Thank you always and I love you! POPMACHINE readers, pay attention to TRENDZ, please~

-YOONWOO: I hope our thoughts and looks that you didn’t know had been well portrayed. FRIENDZ and PopMachine readers who read this interview!! Be always healthy and be happy with TRENDZ for the time being!! I love you all. ❤️

-HANKOOK: Did you all enjoy the reading!? Thank you so much for taking some time to read it and we’ll appreciate it if you could stay on our side and support us in the future! We’ll become a TRENDZ who always repays the support with happiness!

-RA.L: I’m very happy for being able to talk about us today! We had the opportunity to talk about the details of the album and the team. It felt like we were talking together, it was very refreshing~ All our FRIENDZ know that TRENDZ’s last songs are good! That’s why I want to thank FRIENDZ who always supports us and loves us. I hope many people listen to this album. Please, give us a lot of love and interest!!

-EUNIL: Dear POPMACHINE subscribers! It’s an honor to meet you through an interview like this. We tried to include some of TRENDZ’s stories as much as possible in this interview. What did you think of that? I hope you enjoyed reading it! Let’s work more to show you a better image in the future. So, please, give us a lot of interest and love. I love you. ❤️

-YECHAN: Hello! I’m TRENDZ’s maknae Yechan! I thank FRIENDZ and PopMachine readers for reading our interview until the end. The questions were so interesting that I think I answered while smiling. haha

There’s a lot to say to summarize in only one word but, please, always send a lot of interest and love to TRENDZ and to me, Yechan, and wait for our next moves. ❤️ Thanks again and be happy today too. > <



TRANSLATION BY: Giovanna Nogueira and Greyce Oliveira

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