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Would You Skip These BTS Ads?

You know those notorious ads that may or may not be useful when you're streaming music on Youtube? Well, BTS has a few, and we sincerely doubt that you would dare click that "Skip Ad" button.

It's no secret that BTS has built a global reach that promotes messages of positivity in the form of music, but they have also steadily become the faces of multiple brands as well. Want good sportswear? Buy the one that BTS endorses. Want a good phone? Buy the one that BTS endorses. Want a comfy massage chair? Buy the one that BTS endorses. Want refreshing soda? Well, you get the picture.

We are all guilty of impatiently smashing that "skip ad" button, but trust us, these are ads are the exception to the rule.


In 2019, FILA crowned BTS as their newest brand endorsers. The zestful energy of the septet fits the active wear brand's sprightliness like a glove. Their Voyager collection is stunning enough to encourage anyone to get off their behinds and off to the gym. An active lifestyle starts with style.

2. I Seoul U

South Korea is a nation that encompasses rich culture with vibrant city life and serene nature sites alike. Its capital is an sparkling cityscape that draws tons of tourists. Since 2017, BTS has been recruited as the honorary tourism ambassadors of Seoul, and has been spreading K-culture all over the world.

With their latest campaign, the boys are depicted in popular locations around the metro, as they promote its beauty and depth. To their heartwarming statement, "When you're journey begins, I hope it begins in Seoul.", we can only answer: See you in Seoul!

3. Hyundai

The automotive giant wasn't playing around when they collaborated with the Bangtan Boys, as they rolled out a slew of fun content that addressed a very important issue: environmental sustainability. With their positive energy campaign and IONIQ music video, Hyundai and

BTS harnessed their influence and power to promote hydrogen's clean energy.

They even launched the #positiveenergychallenge on Tiktok. Now, that's a challenge that is worth participating in. A standing ovation for Hyundai who is making ripples of change one pretty BTS member at a time! Thank you, Hyundai, you are an expert at addressing ecological matters by means of worldwide handsomeness.

4. Baskin Robbins

In celebration of the group's seventh anniversary in the entertainment industry, the boys suited up in their best pastel suits for a collaboration with Baskin Robbins. There's nothing sweeter than celebrating life's big milestones and little joys with a scoop of your favorite ice cream (and BTS, of course!).

6. Chilsung Cider

The stars were aligned when Chilsung Cider joined forces with Bangtan Sonyeondan. BTS has seven members, who were celebrating seven years since their debut. The Korean term, "Chilsung", means seven stars in English. To top off this cosmic coincidence, the soda brand happened to be marking their 70th year in the industry. Talk about divine timing! Lucky 7, it is.

7. Samsung

Who you gonna call when you need people to endorse a mobile phone line of a multinational conglomerate company? BTS!

Samsung definitely knows what they're doing. Don't even get us started on the Say Yes to BTS commercial...we mean Say Yes to Galaxy Buds ad...It was that one moment in time when ARMY wished they could actually marry seven people. We totally love you, Samsung.

7. Bodyfriend

The BTS x Bodyfriend ads may be the funniest of the bunch. From V carrying Suga on his back to Jimin chiseling Jungkook out of a block of ice, there isn't a dull moment with this luxury massage chair brand.

8. Babinski Cold Brew

These cold brew coffee tumblers are so stylish that even non-coffee drinkers will want to collect them all.

9. BBQ Chicken

Thanks to BBQ Chicken, we have now come to learn one very important fact; chicken tastes better when endorsed by BTS.

10. Dunkin' Donuts

Boxes of donuts against a red background
BT21 x Dunkin' Donuts | Image Dunkin' Donuts

Okay, so, we've got to credit this endorsement to BT21, the babies of Bangtan. With Chimmy, RJ, Tata, Koya, Mang, Shooky, and Cooky happily chilling on the packaging of these delicious donuts, who could resist? Who knows, RJ may even have baked these himself!


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