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JUNNY Releases "Promise": An R&B Track for the Soul

Singer-songwriter JUNNY, a rising star in the MZ generation, is gearing up to enchant listeners with his latest single, 'Promise.' The track—which was released on December 16th at 6 PM (KST)—not only showcases JUNNY's musical prowess but also unveils the timeless message of offering a comforting shoulder at the end of the day.

JUNNY | Image courtesy of REELS Corp. and Mauve Company

Promise: A Blend of Contemporary R&B Sounds

'Promise' sets the stage with an electro guitar foundation, accompanied by acoustic drum samples, creating a contemporary R&B sound that is both refreshing and soulful. JUNNY, known for his ability to weave emotions into melodies, incorporates vintage synths and pads to deliver an analog warmth, enveloping listeners in a cozy winter sentiment.

Joining forces with producer No2zcat—who fans may know from JUNNY's previous tracks like 'MOVIE' and 'INVITATION'—you can count on the production quality of 'Promise' To be monumental. The result is a musical masterpiece that resonates with the essence of JUNNY's artistry and marks a significant step forward in his creative journey.

'Better Days': A Soulful Exploration with THAMA

Accompanying 'Promise' is the side track 'Better Days,' a soulful exploration falling under the R&B and soul genres. The song features THAMA, an artist renowned for receiving accolades such as 'Best R&B & Soul Album' at the 19th Korean Music Awards and 'R&B Album of the Year' at the Korean Hip Hop Awards 2022. The track conveys the uplifting message that the entrance of someone special into an empty daily life has the power to make days better.

JUNNY's Collaborative Journey

JUNNY, not just a singer but also an accomplished songwriter, is putting his name on the map through collaborations with industry heavyweights like IU, EXO'S KAI, BAEKHYUN, SUHO, NCT U, and NCT DREAM. His ability to craft compelling narratives through music has garnered him recognition and sets the stage for 'Promise' to make waves on a global scale.

What Lies Ahead: JUNNY's Musical Odyssey

All eyes are on JUNNY as he solidifies his status as a masterful singer-songwriter. With promises of festivals, promotions, and concerts domestically and globally, JUNNY's musical odyssey is poised to captivate audiences and be a pillar in the music-sphere of the MZ generation.



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