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SEVENTEEN Hoshi's Best Moments in Going Seventeen

Unforgettable Moments: SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Comedic Brilliance in Going Seventeen.

Hoshi of SEVENTEEN | Image from Pledis Entertainment

As one of the brightest South Korean music industry stars, Hoshi from the popular boy group, SEVENTEEN, has captivated fans worldwide with his incredible talent in choreography and vocals. Though one of the platforms that allowed fans to witness Hoshi's brilliance up close was the variety show, Going Seventeen. The episodes are regularly published on the boyband's official YouTube channel, where fans can catch their charismatic personality, exceptional leadership skills, detective abilities, and talent for comedy.

Throughout the series, Hoshi graced the screens with his infectious energy, unparalleled dance moves, and witty humor, leaving a lasting impression on fans and fellow members. Let's delve into some of Hoshi's best moments in Going Seventeen that have solidified his position as an outstanding performer and all-around entertainer.

1. Don’t Lie Series

Hoshi, Vernon, and Dino on Going Seventeen
Hoshi, Vernon, and Dino On An Episode of "Don't Lie" on Going Seventeen | Image from Pledis Entertainment

Going Seventeen’s “Don’t Lie” series has been a fan-favorite since the beginning of the variety show. It has collected millions of views since SEVENTEEN pulled their ways to express their lovable, chaotic traits. The “Don’t Lie” series is a sequence in which the members play a game of ‘Mafia.’ Particular players are secretly picked out to play the roles of the doctor, the mafia(s), the police, and the thief, while the remaining majority fit in as innocent citizens. Hoshi’s witty personality is highlighted in various episodes of this series, specifically in “Don’t Lie I,” “Don’t Lie II,” and “Surprise Don’t Lie” segments.

In the first episode of “Don’t Lie,” “Don’t Lie I,” Hoshi’s slick choice of outing himself as the mafia and revealing the place of the hidden prize convinced the members to save his position in the game. Despite the members holding onto Hoshi, he passed the blame to Mingyu, persuading the rest of the members to eliminate Mingyu. Though, this decision led to jaw-dropping reactions from the members as Mingyu’s role was revealed, disclosing that they had eliminated an innocent civilian.

In “Don’t Lie II,” Hoshi’s hilarious acting as a detective is picked on by his members as he tries to convince them about his suspicion towards the member that may be selected as the mafia. This member is Mingyu, once again. As he started to piece his puzzle piece by piece, he felt overwhelmed by his abilities and fell on the floor, shocking the members and viewers.

Little did we know, something similar would happen again 2 years later, in their recent “Surprise Don’t Lie” episode. Last minutely, Hoshi picked Mingyu out as one of the mafias as he realized that the only members left to be the mafia were himself and Mingyu. As his realization settled that he plays another role in the game as the thief (of the prize), the tiger fanatic voiced his opinion to the rest of the members to eliminate Mingyu without spoiling his own identity until he comically dropped to his knees. Typically, chosen members that raise suspicions as mafia are given a moment to defend themselves, not to be eliminated. Though this time, after playing “Don’t Lie” numerous times in the variety show, it can be said that Hoshi’s talent was considered by the rest of the SEVENTEEN members as Mingyu was eliminated with no statement of defense. Mingyu, once again, had to suffer emotionally due to his fellow members’ right decision– meaning that Hoshi was able to correctly eliminate Mingyu from the mafia.

2. TTT (2018)

Hoshi of Seventeen on Going Seventeen
Hoshi on Going Seventeen's TTT | Image from Pledis Entertainment

Going Seventeen’s TTT (an abbreviation of MT SVT REALITY) is a segment wherein the SEVENTEEN members enjoy themselves during an overnight trip. The thirteen-piece is seen in their laidback element which is usually by the barbecue grill, in the water for some aquatic sports, or playing games after dinner. In this episode, Hoshi started his TTT party during a lunch break stop they made while driving to the MT site. He poured himself a glass of makgeolli—a Korean alcoholic beverage—and continued to pour more drinks as he ate his lunch. This eventually resulted in him ending the MT earlier than the rest of his members, as Mingyu brought him to his bedroom and Jeonghan tucked him to sleep. Good night, little tipsy tiger!

3. The Tag

Joshua Hong and Hoshi Kwon of Seventeen on Going Seventeen
Hoshi and Joshua on "The Tag" Episode of Going Seventeen | Image from Pledis Entertainment

Going Seventeen’s “The Tag” is, by far, one of the most unique and entertaining episodes. The boyband is separated into smaller teams, as they explore and try to escape a floor of people dressed as famous murderers from movies chasing them down. The only way out was to find the right key for the exit door.

The "Spider" singer was paired with Joshua who had to be sacrificed in order for Hoshi to successfully escape these murderers.

Not only did he have to sacrifice his partner, but he also tried to distract the dressed-up murderers by spoiling SEVENTEEN's new comeback hit (at the time), "Left and Right." He convinced the faux murderers to join him in dancing to the song as he briefly taught them the choreography of the chorus. The viewers who watched, the members who heard his behavior through the mic, and even the staff monitoring him couldn't help but laugh. This was primarily due to SEVENTEEN's inside joke that they would be fined 300 million KRW if they spoiled their comebacks. (We hope Hoshi paid up!)

In the same episode, Hoshi, Wonwoo, and The8, claim to see a “ghost.” This caused confusion and raised quite a few goosebumps, since it was revealed that this “ghost” was actually the reap deal. But it may also be a staff member that secretly dressed up and was instructed to sit there and not tag them, aiming to scare some members (and viewers too!)

Hoshi showcased his versatility as an idol, spreading both awe and laughter across Caratland. As he continues to grow and evolve in his career, we eagerly anticipate more incredible moments from this shining star, Hoshi of SEVENTEEN.



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