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27 Times SEVENTEEN's Jun Turned Instagram Into a Fashion Show

Happy birthday to superstar, Moon Junhui, who just celebrated 27 trips around the sun!

Hailing from China, trailblazing in South Korea, and touring the world, Jun is a third culture kid making a powerful impact as a talented 3rd gen idol.

Whether he's lighting up the stage, unleashing his inner chaos on GOING SEVENTEEN, or getting stuck in an infinite loop of hide-and-seek on The Return of Superman: Baby Cloud, the stars surely aligned for this charming triple threat.

Another one of Jun's magnetic elements is his contemporary sense of fashion. The guy rocks a cardigan, pops on a beret, et voilà, it's a fashion show!

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, we're highlighting, underlining, and italizicing the top 27 photos wherein Jun transformed Instagram into his personal runway. Here's 27,000 words just for you, CARATs!

1. The Prettiest Cardigan in the _WORLD

This. This is the cardigan-beret combo that we lowkey campaigned about a minute ago. The "_WORLD" music video was a sparkle fest of epic proportions.

While each member's outfit was dipped in brilliant sparkle and kissed by a disco ball, Jun's full-length cardigan and matching beret is what dreams are made of. (Oh, and in case you can't spot him easily on this photo, he's the biggest flower in the center.)

2. Notre Ami Jun

SEVENTEEN's Jun at an Ami fashion | Image from @junhui_moon on Instagram

Ami is a luxury brand that we all know and love, and Jun could easily be mistaken for a model rather than a guest at this fashion show.

The sleek monochrome black aesthetic works in an almost modern film noir kind of way.

Born on June 10; is a 10.

3. (F)ashion Is (M)y (L)ife No. 2

Junhui Moon of Seventeen
Moon Junhui's "FML" Concept Photos | Image from @junhui_moon on Instagram

"FML" is SEVENTEEN's tenth EP, and it's a true tribute to fighting for your life in the most epiphanic ways possible.

"FML" brought us unfiltered, inspirational feels and Jun in this dashing 3-piece suit.


4. Blue Dreams

Wen Junhui of SEVENTEEN
Moon Junhui of SEVENTEEN | Image from @junhui_moon on Instagram

"Dream" is SEVENTEEN's third Japanese-language EP, which was launched in 2022.

This was also the era that Jun commanded a few double takes in this multi-blue dreamy ensemble.

5. Ready? Set? Limbo!

Wen Junhui of Seventeen
Moon Junhui performing "Limbo" | Image from @junhui_moon on Instagram

Okay, we're pretty sure that Jun wasn't singing about the Trinidad-native party game wherein players attempt to move under a low bar without touching or disloding it, but he sure does look like he's up for a round of limbo on this picture!

Also, we applaud people who fearlessly distort some gender norms in terms of fashion. If girls can wear the boyfriend jacket aesthetic, then we're totally cool with guys wearing the crop top look.

6. These Boots Were Made for Running Too Hot

SEVENTEEN's special performance of "Hot" took Carats on a journey to the wild wild west.

The choreography video shined the spotlight on the group's formidable danceology prowess and their surprising ability to bust a move on uneven terrain.

Jun flexes his fashion muscle in knee high boots that were clearly made for running too hot, hot, hot, hot.

7. A Drop In the Ocean

Jun struck a pose for the Chinese avant-garde fashion magazine, Waves, in January 2022.

Living up to the magazine's name and the pictured deep blue sea, the singer radiates young Poseidon energy in a seafoam green sweater that we swear the ocean knitted with its magical water drops.

8. Which Anime Is This?

Before Jun's solo single, "Limbo", dropped on September 23, 2022, he kept fans on the edge of their seats with ethereal teaser content like this one right here.

Thanks to the ruffle galore and delicate pastels complementing the idol's dreamy visuals, we can't help but wonder which anime this is from.

9. Christmas In October

Wen Junhui of SEVENTEEN
Jun of SEVENTEEN | Image from @junhui_moon on Instagram

Remember when SEVENTEEN flew to the Philippines in October 2022, and then were pleasantly culture-shocked by the fulll-fledged Christmas displays that peppered Manila?

Yup, here's Jun in the midst of the October Yuletide, clad in a cozy sweater that could easily pass as a festive lemon Christmas pound cake.

10. Distressed Office Chic

Office chic took a turn for the distressed when Jun incorporated this street-style twist.

What do you get when you combine a cut-off button-down shirt and a stylishly disheveled necktie with severely ripped jeans and fabulous sneakers?

Well, an office employee who said FML and left to become an idol, of course.

11. 21st Century Prince

Wen Junhui
Jun of SEVENTEEN at the Be The Sun World Tour | Image from @junhui_moon on Instagram

According to the caption, Jun had this photo snapped right before hitting the Be The Sun stage.

Like the calm before the storm, Jun looks 100% like a fairytale prince before he makes the stadium his kingdom.

12. Another Beret

Wen Junhui of SEVENTEEN
Junhui of SEVENTEEN | Image from @junhui_moon on Instagram

Okay, okay, maybe we're a little bit biased towards berets, but how could we not include this stunning _WORLD outfit?

Jun was born to wear berets and sparkles. Lots of sparkles.

13. Coffee?

Moon Jun: Would you like a cup of coffee?


14. Black & White

Which retro movie is this from?

We would like to binge-watch.

Even in black and white, Jun's cool sense of style cannot be denied.

15. Work of Art

That moment when the artist is the art.

Hid pure white outfit covered in the rainbow is giving us masterpiece-in-progress energy, and we love it!

16. Rock With Jun

Junhui Moon of SEVENTEEN
SEVENTEEN's Moon Junhui | Image from @junhui_moon on Instagram

Jun rocks this leather biker look.

Is this legally allowed? Don't you need a permit to look this good?

17. The Coordinates Are Coordinating

Moon Junhui is a master perfomer with charisma to spare. He's also model material who clearly just walked off the runway to strike a pose for this editorial-style photo.

18. Suit Up

Let's keep the coord train moving with this dapper khaki set.

Pair it with a faux candid shot, and you have a genuine fashion hit.

19. Be The Sun

Jun just casually personifying SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun era. A cute yellow sweater and a timeless pair of brown corduroy jeans is all this charming artist needs to amplify his sunny demeanor.

Framing his face nicely with a pair of glasses really completes the preppy sunshine aesthetic.

Here he is, looking handsome in eyeglasses which he probably doesn't even need, while some of us wear glasses when we sleep just to dream in HD. *Sigh*

20. Model Off-Duty

The model off-duty vibe has become a thing of quiet luxury, and Jun carries it in the most casual yet sophisticated manner.

Give us day-off vibes, but make it ✨️kitty✨️

21. Trapped but Stylish

Any K-Pop fan would know the famous "Music Bank Stair Shot" challenge. If you're thin enough, you can easily slip yourself through and back out again. However, if you're just a tad broader or more muscular, you can call this banister your new home, because you live here now.

22. Crosswalk Catwalk

A true fashionista can look good both dolled up and dressed down. Here's the SEVENTEEN lead dancer looking laidback and easygoing during a rain shower in May 2023.

Crossing the street in the rain wouldn't be so bad if we had...that clear umbrella.

23. Basically Black

Jun knows how to wear a monochromic outfit effortlessly. The leather jacket styled over a more crisp, formal button-down and slacks give ode to a timeless combo that every fashion maven has as a closet staple.

24. Lacoste at 90

A surprise DK appeared!

This SEVENTEEN duo was invited to a Lacoste event in May 2023. The gossamer color palette that they're sporting is fun, youthful, very Lacoste, and very SEVENTEEN.

25. Neon Lights of Winter

The pink overtones of this December shot melt the winter cold into a moment of spring.

Jun's knack for urban wear is highlighted (literally) by a blanket of neon light that adds color to his hoodie, his platinum tresses, and your world.

26. Hot Era

SEVENTEEN's "Hot" era brought us a plethora of cool outfits.

The music video of the record-breaking song featured Jun in a showstopping silver bomber jacket from Celine, his signature ripped jeans, and chunky statement sneakers.

The amber-tinted sunglasses are a bonus!

27. Giving Givenchy

And speaking of a bonus, here's Joshua Hong giving us Givenchy glamour alongside the birthday boy!

The pair was featured in ELLE Japan in June this year, making CARAT Land very happy.

Double the pretty. Double the charm. Double the talent. Double the gentleman energy. Double tap.


IMAGE SOURCE: @junhui_moon on Instagram

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