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7 Underrated SEVENTEEN Songs That Every New Carat Should Hear

Unveiling the Hidden Treasures: Underrated Songs by SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN | Image from Pledis Entertainment

In the vibrant world of K-pop, SEVENTEEN has established itself as a powerhouse known for exceptional talent, captivating performances, fabulous fashion, and infectious music. While the group has garnered immense popularity and achieved numerous chart-topping hits, several tracks often go unnoticed; hidden treasures that deserve more recognition from fans and music enthusiasts worldwide. Uncover the hidden gems that deserve more credit from fans and music enthusiasts worldwide!

1. "Network Love"

First on the list is "Network Love." The track perfectly encapsulates SEVENTEEN's ability to blend different musical genres effortlessly. From the first beat, this song captivates with its addictive electronic sound and irresistible chorus. Each member's smooth vocals and impressive rap verses showcase their strengths, highlighting their versatility as artists. "Network Love" is an undeniably catchy tune that always gets listeners to groove along.

2. "247"

"247" is a song that perfectly embodies SEVENTEEN's signature sound. The vibrant melody and uplifting lyrics create an atmosphere of constant support and unwavering dedication. The seamless transitions between the members' soulful vocals and impressive rap verses exemplify the group's impeccable teamwork and solidify their reputation as exceptional performers. "247" is a gem that deserves more recognition for its unwavering positivity and energy.

3. "Ready to Love"

The next underrated track is "Ready to Love." This emotionally-charged ballad showcases Seventeen's growth and maturity as artists. Despite past heartbreaks, the poignant lyrics beautifully convey the yearning for genuine connections. The group's powerful vocals and heartfelt emotions create a deeply resonant and soul-stirring masterpiece. "Ready to Love" is a testament to SEVENTEEN music's ability to evoke intense emotions.

4. "Lucky"

"Lucky" is a playful and upbeat track that showcases SEVENTEEN's infectious energy. The song's catchy melody and vibrant production create an uplifting atmosphere that is hard to resist. The lyrics, expressing gratitude for the luck of having someone special in their lives, resonate with listeners on a relatable level.

5. "Space"

"Space" is a hidden gem that allows SEVENTEEN to explore a more reflective and contemplative side. The atmospheric instrumental and introspective lyrics create a sense of tranquillity and reflection. The group's soothing vocals and harmonies transport listeners into a captivating musical journey, evoking emotions.

6. "Pinwheel"

Among the underrated songs in SEVENTEEN's discography, "Pinwheel" is an ethereal masterpiece. This hauntingly beautiful track delves into themes of loss and moving forward. The delicate vocals and captivating beat create a mesmerizing atmosphere that resonates deeply with listeners. "Pinwheel" showcases SEVENTEEN's depth and their ability to deliver breathtaking musical experiences.

7. "Highlight"

Last but certainly not least, "Highlight" is an energetic and vibrant track that never fails to bring a smile to my face. The dynamic production, SEVENTEEN's strong vocals, and charismatic rap verses create an electrifying experience. The song's uplifting message and the members' energetic performances make it an underrated anthem that deserves a lot more recognition.

The Power of SEVENTEEN

Exploring the underrated songs by SEVENTEEN reveals a treasure trove of musical brilliance. From the playful charm of "Lucky" to the introspective depths of "Pinwheel," each track showcases SEVENTEEN's versatility, artistry, and ability to evoke emotions in listeners. These hidden gems deserve to be celebrated and shared, exemplifying the group's growth, dedication, and commitment to their craft.



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