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13 Most Stylish Moments of Seventeen

Want some style inspiration from SEVENTEEN?

Hitting the stage like pros throughout the years, SEVENTEEN has evolved in terms of style (creds to their stylists too!). The group proves time and time again that they can keep it sharp in bold outfits, but also rock the essential looks that could be great for laidback OOTDs.

In celebration of the 13 members, we have compiled their thirteen most stylish moments to get you inspired!

1. 2022 Season’s Greetings

Greeting the season well with some winter inspo outfits in warm yet catchy pastel colors, SEVENTEEN surely has our attention ;)

2. Be The Sun World Tour - Toronto

SEVENTEEN made the boldest fashion statements during their recent world tour. The strong aesthetic the band displayed played a big role in making each member shine during their phenomenal performances.

3. The 4th Album Repackage ‘SECTOR 17’

Fresh off their awesome Be The Sun tour kickoff, SEVENTEEN struck a pose for their Sector 17 album clad in touches of the tropics.

4. The ‘_WORLD’ Music Video

Aside from being a bop, "_WORLD" was also a haven for tons of shimmery, sequined outfits!

5. Relay Dance ‘_WORLD’

Seventeen relay dance for _world
Image from Twitter @@M2MPD

In this relay dance, SEVENTEEN still brings fantastic sparkles to the table. They do, however, play up a more pastel color palette this time. Soft yet stunning!

6. ‘Anyone’ Music Video

Even racer suits have become iconic fashion statements, and SEVENTEEN wears the athletic boy look like pros! The best part is that the outfits worked in sync with their energetic performance of "Anyone".

7. ‘To You’ - Comeback Show Attacca

SEVENTEEN's duality is undeniable, and it shows when they shift from leather jackets and darker hues to calmer, earthy tones that bring out their subtle softness.

8. Digital Single ‘Darl+ing’ Concept Photo

Seventeen concept photo darling
Image from Facebook @seventennews

It can be spring forever, and SEVENTEEN approves with their ethereally-hued outfits. From the smart blazers all the way to the cozy sweaters, we're here for it all.

9. 'Rock with You' Music Video

This music video is peppered in hypnotic patterns, classic leather jackets, and effortless style that we can don on a daily basis.

10. Power of Love: The Movie

Seventeen on stage
Image from Facebook @seventennews

The members of SEVENTEEN are definitely not the typical schoolboys. In these preppy and proper uniforms, the K-Pop sensations look like models.

11. Home;Run Music Video

The schoolboy motif continues in the music video for "HOME;RUN". Being the group of stylish individuals that they are, SEVENTEEN knows how to carry a playful mix and match of mellow colors and preppy patterns.

12. Jimmy Kimmel Live!

SEVENTEEN and Nicole Byer on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Image from Twitter @JimmyKimmelLive

Showing up in red with a hint of hip-hop style for Jimmy Kimmel, puts emphasis on their charisma throughout the show. SEVENTEEN never fails to be the star of any show!

Also, hi, Nicole Byer!

13. Left & Right Music Video

Admit it, you were hooked on the "Left & Right" craze for a long time...and you probably still are! Simple casuals with a hint of retro can be your daily outfit ideas and are versatile for any season.


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