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Music Powerhouses Sohyang and YDG Release Digital Single"BLESSING"

Sohyang is known as the "singer of singers" and YDG is a hip hop legend. So when they collide to collaborate, you get a "BLESSING".

On January 28, Sohyang and YDG (Yang Donggeun) dropped their highly-anticipated comeback single titled "BLESSING".

From High Notes to the Hip Hop Scene

Dubbed as the "Mariah Carey of South Korea", fans may be used to hearing Sohyang's dulcet vocals on shows like I Am a Singer and King of Masked Singer. That being said, she showcases a brand-new sound fueled by the power of hip hop dynamics in "BLESSING". Proving that she is a versatile vocal queen, her new single has already generated nearly 30,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Sohyang and YDG collaborate for BLESSING song
Sohyang and YDG | Image courtesy of Arkhe Entertainment

Inspired by Mozart

Classical music is an elegant genre that transcends time and space. With the new Sohyang x YDG collaboration drawing inspiration from the film Amadeus wherein Mozart creates the "Requiem", this track truly is a blessing to our playlists. The hit on the rise features a majestic melody crafted by the composition team C.P.K (Sohyang, Petra, and Touch’s Chae Dohyun) on top of Sohyang’s existing track.

A Glimpse Into the Dark Corners of the Human Soul

The human soul is a mosaic of the emotions we feel, the people we meet, the places we go, and the light that we emit. However, human souls are also solidified by the profound corners of darkness and the subtle scars of despair.

Giving ode to this notion, Sohyang and YDG croon beautifully to the weighty beat and philosophical lyrics that evoke emotional depth. The song makes a significant impact via the power of Sohyang's haunting voice, Petra's dreamy ad-libs, and YDG's thunderous rap prowess.

Sohyang | Image courtesy of Arkhe Entertainment

A Light Shattering the Darkness

As the song progresses, the mood is akin to light breaking through the shroud of darkness, signifying hope shining in the valley of despair. "BLESSING" is a message of encouragement to anyone who needs to be lifted out of the cloudy corners of their sadness.

Sohyang for "BLESSING" | Image courtesy of Arkhe Entertainment

A Masterpiece of a Music Video

The music video of "BLESSING" is a masterpiece as well, and stars YDG, who is slated to make an appearance in Squid Game Season 2.

The stunning music video highlights hidden elements that convey the message of the lyrics. On top of that, the electrifying choreography is the work of the Primekings dance crew, adding more magical notes to the artistic rollercoaster known as "BLESSING".

Sohyang and YDG collaborate for BLESSING
Sohyang and YDG | Image courtesy of Arkhe Entertainment


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