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In their newest album titled iDENTIFICATION, E'LAST continues to showcase that their talent is in an everlasting state of evolution.

Just months from the success of their hit single, Thrill, back in February, the boys of E'LAST are back and blooming with their 4th mini album, iDENTIFICATION.

With iDENTIFICATION representing the determination to prove oneself, tackling growing pains, and the drive to reach goals, the album is a true mosaic of emotions translated into captivating songs. There's no denying that Choi In, Seungyeop, Rano, Baekgyeul, Romin, Won Hyuk, Wonjun, and Yejun have blazed a long trail since their debut in 2020.

And speaking of trailblazing, the K-Pop group has recently completed a concert tour in Japan, the US, and Latin America; a remarkable milestone in connecting global audiences with their loop-worthy music.

ELRINGs, grab your favorite soda and blast "Kiss Me Baby" from your speakers, because you've got VIP access to PopMachine's latest exclusive interview with E'LAST. Join us as the members share their thoughts on the music production process, unusual things they pack in their suitcases, childhood dreams, and their 2024 concert tour! (Excuse us while we warm up our vocal chords for the fan chant.)

★POPMACHINE: Hello, E'LAST! Thank you for joining us for another chat, and congratulations on the success of your 4th mini album, [iDENTIFICATION]. Can you talk to us about the core essence of the album?

  • YEJUN: This album holds the meaning of ‘ID’ which is used to prove yourself, like the ID this album shows what we are going to achieve and the endless effort we will work to make that goal.

★POPMACHINE: The carrier single, "Kiss Me Baby", has an unforgettable melody and catchy lyrics. Were any of you involved in the writing or music production process?

  • YEJUN: We didn’t participate in “Kiss me Baby” but we did in lyrics and composing two tracks “Together” and “Rain.” Also, we participated in creating the choreography for “NEVERLAND”

★POPMACHINE: All the songs on your new album sound fantastic. They are the perfect combination of upbeat tracks and charming ballads. Which one best represents the era that E'LAST is in now?

  • BAEKGYEUL: I think it’s “rain.” This song contains the feelings and memories of growing pains that all had to have, that’s why I think everyone would relate to this song.

★ POPMACHINE: You recently completed a tour in Japan, Latin America, and the US. What was the highlight of the experience?

  • RANO: Every moment was so memorable to me. Those lovely eyes that looked at me and how pretty the voices that cheered me. If you can see what I saw, you will understand me :)

★ POPMACHINE: Do you have any favorite off-cam and off-stage memories from your recent tour?

  • RANO: It’s not recent, I remember we all went to the hotel pool together and had fun and took a picture.

  • BAEKGYEUL: The fan chant that ELRINGs did was so happy. I would love to listen to our ELRINGs more.

★ POPMACHINE: We heard that you have another tour coming up in 2024. Can you give us a small spoiler about what fans can expect during the shows?

  • YEJUN: We are showing never-before-seen content so be prepared ELRINGs!

★ POPMACHINE: Speaking of tours, what is the most important yet most unusual thing that you pack in your suitcase?

  • BAEKGYEUL: I always pack the pull-up band. It might not be at the gym.

★ POPMACHINE: E'LAST has a true talent for entertaining an audience. Aside from lightsticks, fans also love to bring signs during concerts. Are there any signs that stood out to you from the crowd?

  • ROMIN: It always feels good and cool when I see a sign with my face on it.

★ POPMACHINE: Given that your new album is titled [iDENTIFICATION], what is the most unique thing about you that defines you as a person? Like a personal ID characteristic?

  • ROMIN: Our comfortable relationship is the most unique that I could say it defines us.

★ POPMACHINE: "Neverland" is another remarkable track from the album. Peter Pan's Neverland is a symbol of dreams and everlasting youth. What is one child-like thing that you still do until now that keeps you youthful?

  • YEJUN: Mine would have to be Santa Claus. I would grant wishes to Santa a lot when I was little and I could say it’s the youth that remains.

★ POPMACHINE: Staying on the kiddie train of thought for a moment, is there a childhood dream that you still wish to achieve now? Or have you already achieved it?

  • WONHYUK: My dream was to be a singer, which I already achieved, but now my new dream is to build more career and be a better singer.


★ POPMACHINE: You have previously performed beautiful covers of songs by Harry Styles, Troye Sivan, Sam Smith, Jungkook, and more. Which song is up next?

  • BAEKGYEUL: Any songs that ELRINGs want to hear.

  • WONHYUK: I really want to cover the new ATEEZ and Dreamcatcher’s songs!

★ POPMACHINE: Since 2023 is nearly coming to a close, were you able to fulfill your new year's resolutions? What is one personal goal you would like to hit before the year ends?

  • WONJUN: As the main rapper, I would like to finish one self-written song.

★ POPMACHINE: Describe what a perfect day would look like for E'LAST.

  • RANO: Making ELRINGs laugh at my existence and making them happy would be my perfect day.

★ POPMACHINE: If someone were to write a book or direct a movie about you, what would the title be?

  • WONHYUK: I would want a movie titled to be ‘나' (which means me in Korean) or “one,won”.

★ POPMACHINE: E'LAST is a master at serving a variety of concepts. Your 3rd mini album, "ROAR", featured the Billboard-ranking song, "Creature". In line with this, what type of mythological creatures do you secretly believe are real?

  • ROMIN: I think a human maggot would exist. So lazy.

★ POPMACHINE: If all E'LAST members were to be cast in a zombie movie, which member would be the hero and which member would turn into a zombie first?

  • ROMIN: I would be the hero, I have the most sense and Yejun would turn into a zombie first since he’s slow.

★ POPMACHINE: If you could change your stage name into anything crazy for a day, what would you change it into?

  • WONHYUK: ‘WONHYUK who loves his fans and is amazing a stage’ would be the name.

★ POPMACHINE: If a genie would grant you 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

  • WONHYUK: 1. Please let us perform in a big arena so that many ELRINGs can come. 2. Wish for the health of my family, members, and ELRINGs for a long long time.

★ POPMACHINE: What is your biggest fear? How do you conquer it?

  • YEJUN: My biggest fear is the thought of not being able to achieve the goals that I’ve made but to conquer it I just have to be even harder on myself and be brave.

★ POPMACHINE: Would you rather spend a month in the year 1000 or the year 3000? Why?

  • WONJUN: Year 3000, I want to see the future and use new technologies.

★ POPMACHINE: You are trapped in an elevator with the cast of the most recent movie or TV show you watched, who are you trapped with?

  • ROMIN: Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)


★ POPMACHINE: What is your most powerful life motto?

  • RANO: My biggest motto right now is ELRING.

★ POPMACHINE: Fill in the blank: E'LAST is the nation's________?

  • ROMIN: Future

★ POPMACHINE: Thank you all so much for taking the time to speak with PopMachine again! We're rooting for yet another successful tour in 2024! As always, we'd love to hear your messages for ELRING and PopMachine's readers :)

  • YEJUN: Thank you PopMachine readers and to our ELRINGs for reading our interview, we ask for your love and support in this album, which contains our honest stories. Thank you and always love you!



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