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INTERVIEW: E'LAST Spills the Tea on Upcoming Japan Tour and the One Thing They Can't Live Without

Making a roaring comeback, E'LAST is a K-Pop group that demands attention, and all eyes are on them thanks to their brand new, dark, and mysterious concept.

E'LAST is an 8-piece boyband formed by E Entertainment that consists of Rano, Choi In, Ye Jun, Seung Yeop, Baek Gyeul, Won Hyuk, Romin, and Won Jun. After debuting in 2020, the world of K-Pop officially had a new disruptor riding the Hallyu Wave by serving sheer talent.

E'LAST Kpop group
E'LAST | Image Courtesy of E Entertainment

As you read this very sentence, E'LAST still reigns as one of the brightest rising stars in the music industry, and they owe it all to their innovative sights and sounds. With their most recent project, "ROAR", the K-Pop sensation tells a story with a twist of enigma.

"Creature" is one of the most notable pieces from their album, and for more reasons than we can count on 2 hands. The music video, in particular, was a cinematic work of art that mirrored the magic of the song. From the luminous notes of the full moon and the massive white wolf all the way to their unique lyrics and choreography, "Creature" is one to watch.

E'LAST sat down with PopMachine to dive deeper into the world of "ROAR", unravel their hidden talents, talk about their upcoming tour, and laugh at their best dad-jokes. Ready to hear this group roar with the power of 8?

  • PopMachine: Congratulations on your successful comeback! What is the main message you would like to convey with your new album, "ROAR"?

Rano: Thank you for congratulating us on our comeback. First of all, since this album holds the climax of E’LAST’s concept storyline, we wanted to show E’LAST becoming creatures and confronting all the misunderstandings and conflicts we had been through until now.

  • PopMachine: Given the title of your album, your comeback project is brimming with power. What is one thing you would like to "ROAR" to the world right now?

Seung Yeop: If I were to roar, I would say, “I want to see ELRING all over the world soon!!”

  • PopMachine: "Creature" is such a unique song with an equally interesting music video. What was the secret behind its magic?

Romin: I think the secret to it was that we had the trust and full support from our company, and we, as E’LAST, also worked as hard together.

  • PopMachine: The choreography for "Creature" is amazing. How long did it take to learn it?

Won Jun: It didn’t take that long! I think we were able to perfect our group dance more quickly because we concentrated a lot during our choreography practice sessions, and we have so much passion and love for this album.

  • PopMachine: What is your favorite part of the "Creature" music video?

Romin: I personally like my part in the hook of the first verse. I think the nice combination of the facial expressions, gestures, and choreography makes it appealing.

  • PopMachine: If you were to use one lyric from your new album to describe your personality, which words would you choose?

Seung Yeop: “Nature that can’t be stopped anymore, I can’t deny”

  • PopMachine: Which song from "ROAR" best represents you as a group?

Romin: I personally think it’s “Shelter.” The overall mood of the song represents E’LAST well.

  • PopMachine: What inspired you to go for a darker and fiercer concept this time around?

Seung Yeop: It was an attempt to show another concept of E’LAST.

  • PopMachine: What was it like debuting as a group during a pandemic? What were the challenges and highlights?

Choi In: I think the most challenging part was probably that we didn’t have a live audience, which is the most crucial part of making a performance come together. It was always disappointing that we didn’t have the cheering sounds during our performances, and it was most saddening that there weren’t a lot of chances to show our performance that we worked so hard to prepare, other than through the music programs. On another note, the most memorable moment was probably our first debut stage. Looking back, it’s so cute how all of us, including myself, were so overly serious at that time!

  • PopMachine: What is your biggest achievement, so far?

Seung Yeop: Our biggest achievement is that we can now share our daily lives with ELRING.

E'LAST | Image Courtesy of E Entertainment
  • PopMachine: Among all the fan interactions and social media comments you have received so far, which one is your favorite?

Won Jun: They always make me happy, but the most memorable is the comment where the commenter stated that they wished to have a long conversation with me.

  • PopMachine: ELRING has been very excited to see you perform live. Do you have any concerts, tours, or fan meetings coming up soon?

Choi In: After our promotion ends, we have plans to hold fansign events, via video call and in-person, and we also have a Japan tour coming up! Starting with our concert in Japan, we’ll be holding many concerts and events in Korea and overseas, and we’re hoping that lots of people come to enjoy our performances and take home good energy!

  • PopMachine: Do you have any dream collaborations?

Won Hyuk: I’m really hoping for a chance to collab with WOODZ, ATEEZ, and Stray Kids.

E'LAST | Image Courtesy of E Entertainment

PopMachine: Aside from singing and dancing, do you have any hidden talents?

Choi In: Recently, I had a chance to play Pump It Up on Arirang TV’s ASC (After School Club), and it was an unexpected talent of mine..! I hope ASC considers inviting me if they decide to hold a Pump It Up championship. My other talents include coming up with choreography ideas, cooking, and being skilled in babysitting!!

  • PopMachine: Do you have any nicknames that fans might not know about yet?

Rano: All of my nicknames were given to me by our fans, so I don’t think I have one that they wouldn’t be aware of. :)

  • PopMachine: If your music were turned into a type of food, what would it be?

Won Jun: An onion! As one would find layer after layer when peeling an onion, E’LAST’s music also has no end to its charm.

  • PopMachine: If you would all spend 1 year on a deserted island, which E'LAST member would exhibit the best survival skills and who would be the first one to cry?

Ye Jun: I think the member who would exhibit the best survival skills is Romin, and I think Won Jun would be the first to cry.

  • PopMachine: What is the one thing you cannot live without?

Won Hyuk: ELRING.

  • PopMachine: Give us your best joke.

Rano: What do you call a bu-eong-ee (“bu-eong-ee” is Korean for owl) that fell into the water? Cheom-bu-eong, cheomg-bu-eong (“cheom-beong” means to splash in Korean).. haha

  • PopMachine: What is the latest thing you added to cart?

Baek Gyeul: AirPods Max!! I’m very interested in sound equipment these days. Electric guitar as well!

  • PopMachine: Are you watching any TV shows or K-Dramas lately? Would you recommend them to fans?

Ye Jun: I don’t watch the show during its original airtime, but I often watch the clips of “Dr.Oh’s Golden Clinic.”

  • PopMachine: What is your ultimate dream?

Baek Gyeul: I want E’LAST to become successful and for all of us to live happily.

E'LAST | Image Courtesy of E Entertainment

  • PopMachine: What are your group goals for 2022?

Won Hyuk: We want to successfully complete our Japan tour and perform in front of even more ELRINGs.

  • PopMachine: What advice would you give to aspiring idols?

Baek Gyeul: Never give up, try your best, stay confident, and believe in yourself because you’re doing great!!

  • PopMachine: Do you have a message for your fans and readers/viewers of PopMachine?

Ye Jun: E’LAST is back with an album that is better than before! So we ask for your love and support, and we’ll try to become E’LAST who continues to improve!



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