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INTERVIEW: TEMPEST Shares Favorite Fan Moments, Dream Collaborations, and Love for iE

TEMPEST's debut is the calm before they take the K-Pop industry by storm. While we watch them unfold their potential to be the biggest rookie group of 2022, let's pause to see what they're like off-cam. Read all about it in this exclusive interview!

The expression, "taking the world by storm", goes from figurative to literal thanks to TEMPEST. Debuting on March 2, 2022, under the wings of Yuehua Entertainment, the seven-piece boyband has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. They are, after all, carrying the name of one of the most powerful elements on our planet; a tempest.

Hanbin, Hwarang, LEW, Taerae, Eunchan, Hyuk, and Hyeongseop are a lucky number seven that debuted with a mini album titled "It's ME, It's WE", signifying their individual talent and charm brought together to coalesce in perfect harmony.

Filled with a variety of genres, you might find yourself bopping to the quirky beat drops of "Bad News" and "Just a Little Bit"; swooning to the cuteness of "Bad At Love" and "Next To YOU"; while you find yourself chasing after your biggest dreams with "Find Me" playing as your inspirational soundtrack.

Naturally, PopMachine would not miss out on the opportunity to have a fun chat with the newest K-Pop group surfing the waters of the Hallyu Wave. This exclusive interview with TEMPEST is for you, iE! Oh, and umbrellas up, by the way; because the weather is going to be sunny with a chance of TEMPEST.

Tempest kpop group
TEMPEST | Image courtesy of Yuehua Entertainment

Interview with TEMPEST

1. Congratulations on your debut! Can you tell us how you felt when you performed for the first time as a group?

LEW: "Since we prepared for a long time, we are so happy to debut and that we can now show what we have prepared. I get excited every day at the thought of making precious memories with iE. We thank our lovely iE."

2. Which song on your debut album best represents the essence of Tempest?

HWARANG: "I think it’s 'Find Me'. It’s a song that expresses the process of finding myself. Because we have just debuted, it seems to contain the meaning of finding TEMPEST while telling our first beginning and sharing new experiences."

3. You are already gaining a lot of fans and views. How do you plan to stand out among all the other boybands?

HYUK: "Each of us has his own charm and style on stage and when combined with TEMPEST, I think if we can further deliver a splendid and everlasting impression to people."

4. What was your favorite part of filming the music video for "Bad News"?

TAERAE: "We were very nervous since it was our first time shooting a music video, but the director and staff gave us advice and we learned so much. I really appreciated it and enjoyed shooting."

5. What is the most important message you want to convey through your music?

LEW: "It’s all about finding myself. I believe that I am able to learn and discover new things when I think of “myself” as the most important person and when I get to understand myself."

6. What is the biggest challenge of debuting and making music during a pandemic?

HYUK: "While preparing for the album, I sang and danced with a mask on. It was harder than I thought because I was easily out of breath. For instance, when I practiced alone without a mask I truly felt the difference between having a mask on and not having it on. This difference made it difficult for me to adjust to the different situations."

7. Do you have any upcoming concerts or fan meetings?

HANBIN: "Due to the pandemic, it’s not easy to schedule a fan meeting or a concert. However, we always want to meet and perform live in front of iE and be with them. I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to the day we meet."

8. How did you come up with your fandom's name, iE?

LEW: "iE was inspired by the eye of a typhoon and it also means that iE is always at the center of TEMPEST. Unlike a typhoon that pours rain and brings strong winds, the eye of the central typhoon is calm. TEMPEST will block all the wind and rain and we hope that iE will always be warm inside."

9. Among all the fan comments you have received, so far, which one is the most memorable one?

HYEONGSEOP: "Our fans raised money and hung up subway advertisements to commemorate our debut. I felt that our fans really care and support us as much as we do. In the future, we will be with iE on the path. It is a miracle to receive such love."

LEW: "A while ago a fan said to me, “You thank your fans for having waited for you, but we didn’t wait for you. We couldn’t forget you.” This choked me up. I am so grateful because our fans always comfort me."

10. Which artists do you wish to collaborate with in the future?

HYUK: "As a group, I want to collaborate with BTS who is my role model and whom I respect. Also, I would love to personally collaborate with Bruno Mars."

11. Aside from singing and dancing, what are your hidden talents?

EUNCHAN: "It’s embarrassing to call it talent, but… I can ride backwards on a bicycle."

TEMPEST Kpop group
TEMPEST | Image courtesy of Yuehua Entertainment

12. Which TEMPEST member is the best cook and which one is the worst cook?

TAERAE: "Honestly, I don’t think there is a member who is good at it… (laughs) HANBIN and LEW are interested in cooking, so I often get to eat what they make."

13. Compare your musical style to a type of food.

EUNCHAN: "I want to say it’s bibimbap. Various ingredients mixed together to create harmony!"

15. If you were to go on a world tour, which country would you like to visit as your first stop?

HANBIN: "I wanted to first invite TEMPEST to Vietnam, the place I was born and raised in. It would be great to introduce our fabulous team and perform in my home country."

16. What is the one thing you cannot live without?

HWARANG: "iE. I can’t live without them. I love you!"

17. What is the latest film or TV show you watched? Would you recommend it?

EUNCHAN: "I am currently watching the movies “Hello Ghost” and “On Your Wedding Day” because I enjoy the genres of both those movies and the storylines are memorable."

18. What is your ultimate dream?

LEW: "This year’s Rookie of the Year Award of course and I want us to continue to promote TEMPEST through music and achieve impressive results. I hope to win Billboard and Grammy awards and ultimately become a legendary group that represents our period and positively impact countless people."

19. What advice would you give to aspiring idols?

HANBIN: "To not worry. If you are diligent and try your best, that’s enough. Think positively even if the outcome doesn’t turn out as you wanted even if you did your best. The road to success is always difficult and intense. It’s important to be diligent, to practice, and to try your best. Do what you can do, and do not regret having taken action on that. Believe that you did your best no matter how the future turns out to be."

20. Do you have a message to your fans/readers and viewers of PopMachine Media?

HWARANG: "Please join us in being the “It’s WE” to complete TEMPEST. We, TEMPEST, will always be with you, so please send us a lot of love. We are excited about our journey with iE. Let’s explore new territories together. I love you."


Special thanks to REELS Corp. and Yuehua Entertainment

All images courtesy of Yuehua Entertainment

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