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Pop Duo Your Crush Brings the Sweetness with Debut EP "Strawberry Sheets"

Your Crush is the Asian-American pop duo to look out for, and it really shows in their ethereal debut EP, "Strawberry Sheets".

On March 25, Your Crush launched their EP, "Strawberry Sheets", which includes the tracks "London Eyes", "Crying", "Didn't Know Better", "Candlelight", and the carrier single Strawberry Sheets".

Given their adorable group name, you can already guess that each song on Your Crush's EP feels like a dreamy love letter or a nostalgic diary entry.

With the spring season blooming with hope and summer promising to bring some sunshine, "Strawberry Sheets" is a collection of melodies that will warm your hearts and maybe even make you smile while you think of your crush (or strawberries, whichever you love more).

Your Crush pop duo wearing pink outfits while smiling in front of a flower bush
Your Crush | Image Courtesy of Routenote

Strawberry Sheets: A Saccharine Lullaby

The EP's title track, "Strawberry Sheets", is driven by a subdued acoustic background that experiments with bedroom-pop elements.

Turning up the feels to the maximum and serenading words of unfiltered emotion, "Strawberry Sheets" is bound to tug at your most sentimental heartstrings.

You don't even have to specifically like strawberry sheets or even be going through heartbreak to enjoy this masterpiece, because it's a whole new experience on its own.

Strawberry Sheets cover art
Strawberry Sheets by Your Crush | Image courtesy of Routenote

About Your Crush

Consisting of Yan and Kahn, Your Crush has big visions for a softer genre of music. Initially meeting in Hawaii, the duo sparked a connection due to their love for pop. They officially teamed up when fate brought them back together in Los Angeles.

Your Crush cites acts like Taylor Swift, The 1975, and Death Cab for Cutie as inspirations for their work. Additionally, Yan and Kahn have also produced and written songs for R&B and pop heavyweights, such as Tinashe, Jeremih, and Ty Dolla $ign.

In a world where we have noise and loudness aplenty, it's nice to have a soft pop sanctuary once Your Crush floats from the speakers.

As they both have roots in the film industry, Yan and Kahn are putting themselves on the map for their unrelenting love for storytelling in all forms. This element is also quite apparent in the animated world they have dreamed up with the help of Apricot Mayor and Erich Nemcek. The aesthetic of their visual content perfectly translates what their signature sound feels like; seeing and living life through a kaleidoscope of the softest pastels.

The Your Crush experience is only complete if you immerse yourself in the pastel glory in their lyric videos that let you know that it's okay to feel everything from love and happiness all the way to heartbreak and nostalgia.

Your Crush released their debut single, "London Eyes", in 2021. The song about a love that once was has now raked in over 200,000 streams on Spotify.

Stream Strawberry Sheets

"Strawberry Sheets" is best enjoyed on a lazy afternoon with a tall glass of iced tea, on a road trip to the beach, or any place where your mellow day dreams come to life.

Stream Your Crush's full EP on YouTube and Spotify to understand why we all think about that warm summer night at the London Eye.


RECORD LABEL: The Crush Club

LYRIC WRITERS & ARRANGERS: Christopher Ahn, Kalliyan Davis


SOURCE: Routenote Press Release

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