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INTERVIEW: Meet One Of The Brilliant Minds Behind BamBam's Hit Single, "RiBBon"

Taking iTunes by storm, BamBam spreads musical sunshine with the title track of his debut mini album, "RiBBon".

BamBam's Ribbon Album Cover
"RiBBon" By BamBam

As we all know, every song is a product of a team of talented people who join forces to climb the charts and dominate your playlists; and the same applies to "Ribbon".

Meet Peter Chun, more popularly known by his producer name, Softserve Boy; and now known as one of the people that fans can thank for bringing BamBam's newest hit to life.

A Positive Note In The Pandemic

The pandemic is a dark era, but that doesn't mean that light doesn't shine through. According to Softserve Boy, he turned the lockdown in 2020 into an opportunity to work on his music. Coincidentally, this was also the time when "Ribbon" was born.

"I'm gonna use COVID as a serious boot camp, where I'm going to mentally train myself to constantly be better everyday. I literally made 6 songs every single week, like full; completely finished; and I would not sleep till I was done." He shared with a smile.

A man wearing a hoodie, a hat, and glasses
Softserve Boy | Interview via Skype

"'Ribbon' was actually a song that we wrote during the pandemic. We wrote it in June. Ironically, that became the single and my biggest song, so far."

A Guitar-Driven Masterpiece

The skillful guitar beat that drives the song has become an iconic melody that's unmistakably BamBam, and we owe this strumming harmony all to Softserve Boy. The inspiration behind the guitar-driven tune came from the concept to make a blend of K-Pop and western music.

"A lot of the guitar chords in there are very thought out in a way where 'let's make it different. Let's make it new, but similar."

As for upcoming placements, Softserve Boy reveals that he has a few coming up before the end of the year. Without giving away too many spoilers, he shared that a specific song he produced for a K-Pop group or soloist involves a very evident elephant roar.

There's a lot to look forward (especially that mysterious elephant roar) to from this music producer and songwriter on the rise; so stay tuned!

Watch the full interview on PopMachine's Youtube channel: Interview with Softserve Boy | Producer of "Ribbon" By BamBam


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