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10 Times SHINee's Taemin Was The Best Dressed Person On The Planet

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

In celebration of Lee Taemin's 28th birthday, we're going to traverse the times when he showed off his fearless sense of fashion.

Ever since the "SHINee trend" that was popularized via the group's debut single ,"Replay", in 2008, SHINee has been making fashion statements left and right.

A man siting on a bench in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

The quintet's maknae, Lee Taemin, may have stepped out of the spotlight to fulfill his mandatory military service for the coming 2 years or so, but that doesn't mean that we can't smash the replay button on all his songs and admire his vast collection of style hits until he comes back.

This superstar never fails to captivate a crowd with his unparalleled talent and exquisite taste in fashion.

So, make way on the runway, because the Idol's Idol is about to blaze a very stylish trail on it.

1. Never Gonna Dance Again Album

A man wearing a stylish red outfit
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

"Never Gonna Dance Again" is Taemin's 3rd studio album, which contained "Idea", "Black Rose", and "Criminal", among other tracks. Sending Shawols into a voguish spiral, the singer released a fleet of concept images that emulated his fashion king status. Take this distressed captain ensemble, for instance. It's raw, it's edgy, it's cool. it's unique. It's Taemin.

Also, yeah, right you're "Never Gonna Dance Again"...Yeah, we saw you dancing in your new music videos. Don't even try to lie to us.

2. 2nd Concert, Japan

A singer wearing a microphone and a black and white outfit
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

Drawing an audience of more than 30,000 people, Taemin's 2nd concert in Japan was a stellar success. Entering the year 2020 with a bang, the singer captivated audiences with 25 powerful song numbers.

Aside from belting out his hit songs, Taemin also served looks, just like this black, white, and ruffle combo that brought out his inner prince.

3. Don't Call Me

A Korean man wearing a black beret and a brown jacket
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

Released on February 22 this year, SHINee hit hard with "Don't Call Me". The breakup track featured the South Korean superstars in fashion-forward pieces inspired by military chic and edgy urban flair. Peppered with broches, beads, pearls, buttons, and studs, Taemin radiated a striking vibe that made us want to go shopping for a similar outfit.

Also, berets are always, always a good idea!

4. Criminal

A singer on stage wearing a black and white outfit and an eye patch
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

Taemin's penchant for black and white shined in his music video and live performances of his hit massive hit song, "Criminal". The track itself is a colossal masterpiece that demonstrates Taemin's resonant honeyed vocals, but the visuals convey a wow-factor on a whole different level.

We want to find the designer of this cutting-edge hybrid ensemble, and give them a standing ovation in public. It's just too beautiful. Taemin is a criminal, indeed, and he's guilty of stealing our hearts with his phenomenal sense of style!

5. 2nd Concert, Japan

A singer wearing a white suit and a black harness
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

Taemin is extra, and it shows in everything he does. Ya'll remember how he opened his 2nd concert in Japan by walking down a slanted platform while strapped to a harness, right?

This well-rounded performer defies gravity time and time again, not just music-wise, but style-wise too. It's official, Taemin has ownership over the combo, black and white.

6. Advice

A man sitting on a giant chess board
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

Speaking of black and white, Taemin sent all models running for their money when he donned this sleek blanc et noir suit for his latest single, "Advice". And did you guys take a look at those matching shoes that accentuate the fact that he has legs for days (maybe even weeks?)

Stunning is the word.

7. 2nd Concert, Japan

A singer and dancers on stage with fireworks
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

A teal velvet blazer adorned with a black mono arm harness? Oh, yes, please. We'll take two!

Taemin made Japan his runway during his 2nd Concert, and this outfit, in particular, truly stands out. Excuse us, Prince Taemin. Where is your palace located?

8. 2 Kids

A man sitting on the ground while trying his shoelace
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

Shot in the City of Love, Taemin danced his feelings in a pair of graphic newspaper print pants, a yellow tee, a leather jacket, and classic high top Converse.

When you combine Taemin and Paris, you get the aesthetically-pleasing music video for, "2 Kids".

9. Never Gonna Dance Again

A man in a red suit standing in the forest at night
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

This red look is the perfect blend of structured meets distressed. Also, why is he staring at us like that? Should we run or something?...

10. Think Of You

A collage of photos in Paris, France
SHINee's Taemin | Image From SM Entertainment

"Think Of You" is 3 and a half minutes of a pure serotonin boost.

Are you feeling sad? Watch the music video of "Think Of You".

Are you mad? Watch the music video of "Think Of You".

Do you miss traveling? Watch the music video of "Think Of You".

Do you want to see Taemin rock a brown full length coat, a white turtleneck sweater, Converse high tops, and jeans in the perfect shade of blue? You guessed it: Watch the music video of "Think Of You".

Happy birthday, Taemin! We're "Thinking Of You".


Source: SM Entertainment


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