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SHINee Graces The Cover Of Marie Claire Korea

Looking dapper and dashing on the cover of Marie Claire magazine, SHINee donned some high class office chic like the models that they are!

Five men wearing office attire
SHINee for Marie Claire Korea | Image From Marie Claire Magazine

SHINee doesn't just shine on stage, because this band also knows how to sparkle on the covers of magazines!

The August edition of the entertainment magazine is available in 5 unique covers, featuring solo covers and a group cut of the members.

Deviating from their signature boy-next-door aesthetic, Minho, Taemin, Key, and Onew channeled a more mysterious side that did serious justice to their duality. To fans' delight, the K-Pop group's maknae, Taemin, was able to join the photoshoot before his mandatory military enlistment. (We miss you, Teamin!)

Ready to collect all 5 Marie Claire August covers, Shawols?


Source: Marie Claire Korea

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