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People Celebrate The End Of The Pandemic In BTS' Cheerful Music Video For "Permission To Dance"

We all long for the day when we can throw our masks in the air to celebrate the end of COVID-19. Mirroring this wish, BTS filled the air with optimism with the joyful theme of their brand new single and MV, "Permission To Dance".

Seven men dancing in the desert
BTS' "Permission to Dance" Music Video | Screen Capture From HYBE LABELS

BTS Tames The Wild West

Set in the heart of the desert, BTS is all dressed up, born ready to tame the wild west. With their western-themed denim, fringe, boots, and cowboy hats filling up the screen, BTS momentarily stepped out of their signature South Korean style and partied in the USA.

Many ARMYs may be looking forward to the day that the seven-piece will start producing their iconic thought-provoking Korean music again, but until that day, "Permission To Dance" is a bop that gives us a glimpse into the global dance party we'll all be having once we can remove our masks and finally smile at each other again.

People dancing in the desert
BTS' "Permission to Dance" Music Video | Screen Capture From HYBE LABELS

Under the heat of the sun, the septet traversed a laundry shop and other establishments in the desert while the camera switched from them to kids playing in a park, teachers dancing in a school hallway, a couple vibing by a park bench, and a group of people swaying in a diner.

Connected By Purple

Unity was a central theme in "Permission To Dance", signaling the end of the pandemic and the beginning of an era of happiness.

Connecting people in multiple parts of the world via purple balloons, the members of BTS shared warm moments with people of various ages and races. The symbolism of the purple balloon was a mere interlude to profound moment wherein everyone in the music video took off their masks and flashed happy smiles.

BTS Doesn't Need Permission To Dance

According to the lyrics of the group's new track, they aren't just going to talk the talk. They're going to walk the walk, and it won't matter if they fall, because they know how to land. The lyrics and melody were very reminiscent of a vibrant flash mob or musical that channeled playful positivity.

21 Million Views In 3 Hours

Only 3 hours old, "Permission To Dance" has already raked in a whopping 21 million views. Will this be the next Billboard Hot 100 record-breaker?

Two people standing against a colorful backdrop in the desert
BTS' "Permission to Dance" Music Video | Screen Capture From HYBE LABELS


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