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PopMachine Playlist: The Best K-Pop Songs of May and June

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Intro by Dhivya Venkatesen

Seasonal Soundscapes: A musical journey through May and June; curated by our writers!

Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, SHINee, and aespa
Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, SHINee, and aespa | Images from JYPE, Pledis, and SM

As the world blooms with vibrant colors and the promise of warmer days, the months of May and June brought an enchanting tapestry of emotions and experiences. To celebrate the beauty of these months, we curated a playlist that embodies the essence of May’s serenity and June’s exuberance.

In this musical journey, we present a selection of songs carefully chosen by our talented writers, each imbued with their unique inspirations. Handpicked to evoke the height of spring, you are bound to find joy, nostalgia, introspection, and motivational energy in each if these tracks.

Through the lenses of these dedicated writers, we discover the magic and magnetic charm of K-Pop, a genre that transcends borders and languages to unite fans from all walks of life. These fantastic K-Pop songs are the perfect accompaniment to your roadtrips, study sessions, WFH moments, workouts, chores, and chill Sunday afternoons. While each is unique, they do share one common denominator: they are all certified bops!

Don't be shy; let these songs make your playlist sparkle.

PopMachine Playlist: May and June Edition


★ “Save Me, Kill Me” by CIX

Lost in the labyrinth of emotions, CIX’s "Save Me, Kill Me" takes us on a gripping journey of music and visuals that will leave you breathless.

★ “Designer” by VAV

Embrace the allure of VAV’s "Designer" as they leave a lasting impression with their musical artistry and killer moves.

★ “S-Class” by Stray Kids

Stray Kids unleashes their unstoppable power with ‘S-Class’.

★ “I Need Love” by DKB

Let their enchanting voices sweep you away into a world of pure emotion.

★ “Hold on Tight” by aespa

Get ready to be pulled into their world and held captive by their magnetic charm!


★ "Topline" by Stray Kids Ft. TIGER JK

"Topline" by Stray Kids is an electrifying and high-energy track that showcases the group's powerful rap verses and dynamic vocals. With its intense beats and captivating choreography, this song is a must-listen for fans of Stray Kids.

★ "Bouncy" By ATEEZ

"Bouncy" by ATEEZ is an energetic and playful track that exudes a vibrant and catchy atmosphere. With its invigorating chorus, lively rap verses, and captivating choreography, this song will have you bouncing along from start to finish.

★ "Sacrifice" by ENHYPEN

This powerful track is a haunting masterpiece that combines strong vocals, intense rap verses, and a dramatic instrumental arrangement. With its dark and mesmerizing atmosphere, this song takes listeners on an emotional journey.

★ "Coconut" By NiziU

This summer bop is a refreshing and upbeat track that radiates tropical vibes. With its lighthearted melodies, cheerful vocals, and vibrant visuals, this song will transport you to a sunny paradise.

★ "Thirsty" by aespa

Aespa's latest track is seductively hypnotic, as it showcases the group's sultry vocals and fierce rap verses. From the visuals and the vocals to the choreography, the charisma this song channels is strong.


★ "Stay" by Hoshi of SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi recently dropped his solo single, "Stay," which has received significant attention and acclaim. This song is a must-add to any playlist for several compelling reasons, including his vocals (duh). Additionally, fans can appreciate Hoshi's natural swag and charisma as he freestyoles to the song without a fixed choreography in the music video.

"Stay" incorporates a blend of musical genres, including pop, and R&B, resulting in a unique and refreshing sound. This is a genius yet familiar move that SEVENTEEN has executed flawlessly over the years. As Hoshi sings heartfelt lines like "Yes, the one and only person I've been looking for, that's you" and "Please don't go away," his sincere interpretation allows fans to blush and deeply connect with him. The song portrays Hoshi's desire to stay by his fans' side, emphasizing the mutual support and love between him and his fans.

★ "Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)" By ENHYPEN

This comeback elicited a surprised reaction from fans, especially since the release of "Bite Me." In the music video for "Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)," the members showcased their duality by portraying their two sides: angels and devils, highlighting their true duality of cute and hot.

Anyways– although ENHYPEN already possesses angelic looks in their day-to-day lives, the music video enhanced their looks with vibrant colors, creating a captivating visual rollercoaster. The music video begins with Jay embarking on a journey in an unknown location, exuding an aura of both paradise and damnation. It offers a glimpse of innocence juxtaposed with a hint of arrogance. "Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)" carries a mid-tempo and emotionally charged sound as the members sing about their desire to remain connected with their loved ones even after death. Once fans grasp the true meaning behind the song, they are in awe of the depth and artistry involved in its creation.

Upon diving into the lyrics, it becomes apparent that the members are overwhelmed by their emotions, yearning for someone to alleviate them and save them from their twisted reality. They express their willingness to sacrifice their lives, uttering the chilling phrase, "I give you my life," to be closer to their loved ones. The intensity of this sentiment adds a sense of fear and intrigue to the song. Very scary.😱

★ “HARD” by SHINee

“.... SHINee’s Back” and they go HARD. This release serves as the comeback for SHINee, in which all the group members have successfully completed their mandatory military service (Yay for SHINee!). This comeback is perfect for welcoming summer and diving into the group’s heavenly vocal blend and infectious energy. SHINee has rarely released an unsuccessful comeback as a group or individually, amassing one of the most tightly linked and dependably exhilarating discographies in probably all of music history.

With that, if we’re really talking, we cannot compare SHINee’s history of having the most significant and legendary songs with one another– but one thing for sure is this song will one day become another legend.

★ "Angel Pt. 1" by Jimin of BTS

In this song, the collaboration of various artists from different musical genres, including R&B, Trap, and K-Pop, results in a unique combination that transcends cultural barriers and unites people from diverse backgrounds. From mundane tasks like laundry and cleaning to more relaxing moments like sunbathing and even introspective crying, "Angel Pt. 1" can be your friend. This track holds significance beyond being just a soundtrack for the movie, The Fast & Furious: Fast X, as BTS fans have gone to great lengths to propel it to the top of global charts– an everyday daily activity to BTS ARMY (No biggie, right?).

Musically, the song’s instrumentals blend with the artists’ voices, focusing on their vocal talents and creating a pleasant listening experience. Many fans are left with tears and gasps after listening to the lyrics, “Angel, don’t fly so close to me, I’ll pull you down eventually, you don’t want to lose those wings, people like me break beautiful things” I’m what you want and what you need”

The lyrics metaphorically explore self-awareness, vulnerability, and the complexities of human desires and love. These poignant words intensify the emotional depth of the song, evoking tears from listeners—including ourselves—as they resonate with bittersweet life experiences.

★ "Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s Wife" by LE SSERAFIM

Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife" from LE SSERAFIM's latest album has ignited significant online discussion, which has led to the release of a music video and subsequent promotional activities. The intricate track maintains the stylish and almost monotone aura reminiscent of the group's debut track, "Fearless." It exudes a hypnotic beat inspired by the sounds of the '90s, and the raw intensity of its energy is undeniably addictive.

Despite challenges or turmoil, they remain stylish and fearless, choosing authenticity over trying to impress others.



"FML" is the soundtrack to your bad days that lets you wallow and blame the world for everything.

Released on May 7, SEVENTEEN's newest carrier single registers as music through your ears and hits your soul like an arrow of a million epiphanies. It fearlessly sings the words that were only ever whispered. So, don't wonder when the tears start flowing, because whenever you stream this song, someone starts cutting onions.

Interpreting the awe-inspiring lyrics of the track, the 13-strong channels a life of unique mundanity and sorrow. The plot rises when everyone suddenly realizes that it's time to run away (and boy, do they run for it!). This masterpiece is an anthem for the fallen, the misfits, and the lost who are bravely trying to find their way. Because hey, sometimes you just gotta make your own plot twist.

The pinnacle of the track is SEVENTEEN's double-edged meaning for "FML". Sure, we all relate to the "F*ck My Life" concept every now and then, but when it comes down to it, the most important "FML" is Fight for My Life.

"FML" hurts, but in a healing way; like a thorn being ripped from your finger.

★ "April Shower" by SEVENTEEN

Don't be fooled by the title. "April Shower" dropped in May—not in April—as an ode to SEVENTEEN's 8th anniversary.

This dreamy song is a love letter to flowers that bloom in the springtime.

Walking straight out of a fairytale, SEVENTEEN croons about the most beautiful flower that blooms this season: you, me, him, her, and them. We are the flowers and we flourish with every raindrop of love that we receive. (Was that too cheesy? Of course, it was, but you love it.)

Did we mention that the music video took place in a flower-peppered wedding hall, with the members all dapper in suits? All they need is 13 brides and we have a grand Caratland wedding to celebrate.

Excuse us while we stand outside without an umbrella, so it can raindrop on me, on me.

This song was May, June, and all the little raindrops of spring. On a scale of 1 to 10, "April Shower" is a 17.

★ "The Feeling" by SHINee

It feels like SHINee has been reigning since the beginning of time, yet they manage to come back looking new and innovative every single time. SHINee is a blueprint.

"The Feeling" conveys that signature SHINee sound that never fails to claim its throne at the top of the charts (and in our hearts). To feel is a wonderful thing, and this hit hits you straight in the feels.

The laidback pop energy of the track harmonizes like clockwork with the MV that features the boyband traversing a stunning beach house, an upbeat cityscape, and majestic hills. (Bonus points if you catch the cat!)

We feel that this song will fit right into your summer playlist!

★"Take Two" by BTS

BTS may be in hibernation mode, but they are still thriving as soloists and as a perpetually trailblazing group. To celebrate their first decade in the music industry, the Bangtan Boys launched a thoughtful tune titled "Take Two".

Serenading their loving fandom, "Take Two" tells a tale of youth, love, dreams, and gratitude. According to BTS, we are forever in our youth, following the stars to infinity.

Will you hold their hands and wait until they return, ARMY?

★ "Freak Show" by TEMPEST

It is literally impossible for TEMPEST to release a bad song. This rookie boyband pulls the trigger and hits the target every time with tunes like "Bad News", "Find Me", "Just a little Bit", "Bad At Love", "Can't Stop Shining", and now "Freak Show".

From the moment you hit the play button, TEMPEST invites you into a world of madness and magic; a place wherein being different is celebrated. In the words of these 4th gen superstars: "it's okay to be a little special."

We're all freaks in our own right, and life is a stage. Enjoy the show.



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