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8 Times SEVENTEEN's The8 was the God of Fashion

Raise your tea cups, CARATs—it's Xu Minghao's 26th birthday! #Happy_THE8_Day

Oh, November 07, 1997, how incredibly grateful we are to you. It's the day that the The8 was born into the world—SEVENTEEN's lead dancer, professional meditator, tea and nail art enthusiast, and wise elder god (that's what uri Hoshi said at SBS Inkigayo on 231029).

We're pretty sure that every CARAT will nod in agreement when we say that there's an infinite list of reasons why we love The8: his perfect dance moves and lullaby voice, his comforting and life-changing words of wisdom that give Yoda a run for his money, his kindness and hilarious savageness, and of course—his god-tier sense of style that spells c-l-a-s-s-y in bi-lingual.

That's why we're here to spill the chamomile tea on the 8 times that The8 was the god of fashion. Keep scrolling to see some of his paksu-worthy looks, CARATs!

1. The8 Being TheMoment and TheMonument at Paris Fashion Week 2023

SEVENTEEN The8 at Paris Fashion Week
SEVENTEEN The8 at Paris Fashion Week | Photo from @xuminghao_o on Instagram

Whenever The8 throws on tweed fits, there's never an ounce of doubt that he's gonna rock it. Sorry, Eiffel Tower sunbaenim, but The8 is the real monument in this photo from Paris Fashion Week 2023.

2. The King of Sheer Elegance at BE THE SUN 2022

This elegant look from the BE THE SUN World Tour 2022 is so stunning that it took our breath away for 24 hours—but gwenchana gwenchana, who needs oxygen when you're looking at someone this pretty?

3. A Bright Blue Vision and Trend Predicting Sorcery

We already know that bright blue is fashion's biggest color right now in 2023—but way back in October 2022, The8 was already pulling off runway-ready looks in this shade.

Not him predicting the next big trend early on. What kind of sorcery is this? We don't understand but we luv it.

4. A Monochromatic Masterpiece at Christian Louboutin's January 2023 Event

We're often used to The8's fashion being show-stoppingly colorful, but there's no denying that when he puts on monochromatic looks, he shines just as bright. This all-black ensemble lit up the Christian Louboutin event with some serious style-watts.

5. Going Cute and Classy for Going Seventeen Vol. 2

Put most 20-somethings in a denim romper, and it'll easily look like they're zapped back to kindergarten saying "Teacher, may I go to the bathroom?"

But, put The8 in a denim romper and it's instantly "I'm late for my high-fashion magazine shoot." The signature classiness he exudes no matter the OOTD is out of this "_WORLD."

6. A Darling in a Scarf

The thing about The8 is that he will wear a scarf and he will slay it each and every time like the style darling that he is. We absolutely adore this white co-ord.

7. Art Meeting Art

Imagine going to a museum, seeing The8 in this fit, and wondering if he's also one of the masterpieces they're showcasing.

Our advice? Don't wonder—the answer is "yes."

8. The MVP Athlete in the Fashion Game

Where athletic wear collides with metallic fashion, you'll find The8 sitting on the throne like true royalty.

This modern and unconventional look was so on point, like Kung Chi Pak Chi *yeah*

An Infinite Cycle of Style, Meditation, Topping the Charts, and Dreams Coming True

We honestly can't even imagine our Instagram feed without the infinite stylishness that @xuminghao_o brings to it. And frankly, we can't imagine the world of K-pop without Xu Minghao in it.

Once again, happy birthday, The8! Here's to endless years of continuing to own the stage, slay all OOTDs, top the global charts, drink some tea, meditate every day, share profound thoughts, and *repeat*.

We can try "Super" hard, look "Left & Right," and even bargain with the "God of Music"—but one thing's for sure—there'll never be another The8 who's as lovely as a dream come true.

*Okay, CARATs, now that you've read this style round-up it's time to go back to meditating and streaming the 11th mini-album, Seventeenth Heaven.*


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