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Top K-Beauty Predictions for 2024

By Ana Cordoba

Buckle up, because we're diving into the future of K-Beauty.

We know 2023 was an incredible year, but wait for it—2024's about to blow your mind. We sneaked a peek into the crystal ball of Korean makeup trends, and guess what? We're absolutely loving the direction K-Beauty is taking.

Excited to find out? Alright, let us give you a hint: it's all about sustainability, botanical wonders, and vegan beauty.

Hold onto your makeup brushes, and let's dive into what's popping in the K-Beauty world in the upcoming year.

1. Vegan Vibes

Sustainability and vegan beauty are not just a thing for Korean skincare junkies—they're crashing the makeup party too.

Big shots like Laka and Unleashia are dropping these bomb vegan makeup lines packed with shades and eco-friendly formulas. Plus, they've even got biodegradable glitters as the cherry on top!

2. Minimalist Magic

Keep it simple, they say. That's the mantra making waves in Korean beauty. Think neutral colors ruling the roost, with glitters and products that do double, and triple duty.

Lipsticks doing blush duty, eyeshadows pulling highlighter, and eyeliner shifts—it's all about getting that maximum oomph with minimal fuss.

Bonus Tip: Check out Unleashia's Tap Me Palette Duo; it's a genius two-in-one for both your eye and cheek game.

3. “No Makeup” Sparks

Want to look like you're not wearing makeup but, you know, still a bit glam? Here's the secret sauce: light foundations, subtle glow, and sneaky eyeliners.

Add a dash of shimmer and color to some features, and voila! Fresh, youthful, but secretly glam vibes.

And oh boy, those juicy-finish lipsticks and tinted balms—Laka's Fruity Glam Tint is simply superior for nailing that vibe.

4. Eco-Friendly Color Play

Nature-inspired makeup will be the jam in 2024. From fresh greens to earthy vibes and florals, the palette's got it all.

Not only do these colors scream eco-love, but they also vibe with the seasons—corals for summer, cherry blossoms for spring, and deep cherries for the colder days.

Kaja's Beauty Bento has a bunch of shades to mix and match for your killer makeup game.

Another reason to love this brand is that their products are cruelty-free but nothing short of stunning.

5. Glowing Skin Charm

Who doesn't love dewy, radiant skin? It's coming in hot for makeup trends in 2024.

Picture those glowing bases, subtle highlighters, and lipsticks that make your pout pop naturally.

It's all about colors and finishes that scream healthy and moisturized skin without feeling cakey.

6. “BB Makeup” Enchantment

Remember when BB creams shook things up? Now, makeup's doing more than just looking pretty. Cushion compacts are packed with niacinamide, peptides, and all those probiotics for comfy, chilled-out skin all day long.

Unleashia's Satin Wear Healthy Green Cushion is armed with Bakuchiol and chamomile, giving you that fresh, glowing skin energy.

7. Whimsical Lips

Get It Tint by TonyMoly

Gradient lips stole the show in 2023, and guess what? They're totally bossing it again in 2024! If you're craving that soft and innocent K-beauty vibe, the gradient lip look is your go-to style.

Picture this: a lovely, subtle blend of colors creating a youthful charm on your lips. Also, you´ll have fuller and juicier lips, naturally.

Don't hold back on experimenting with an array of shades: reds, pinks and oranges. The biggest deal?The slightly darker shade at the center of the lips compared to the rest - that's where the magic happens.

Petite Bunny Gloss Bars and Get It Tint by Tony Moly will make your lips rock out alongside the animals to the cool beat of cruelty-free makeup.

The Future Is Beautiful

The cyrstal ball has spoken; 2024 is gearing up to be a game-changer in K-Beauty.

Sustainability, vegan vibes, and eco-friendly glamour are the names of this green game.

Ready to play?



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