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K-Beauty Holiday Makeup Looks: Glamorous Christmas Styles

By Viktoriia Egorova

'Tis the season to be glamorous!

If you've already got your Christmas outfit sorted out, it's time to think about the next part of your look - makeup. Holiday makeup should emphasize all the advantages of your appearance and at the same time be durable: after all, the celebration lasts the whole evening. We've gathered a few trending ideas that you can easily replicate on the most magical night of the year!

Spotlight On K-Beauty

Korean makeup is known for its emphasis on natural beauty, innovative technology, and effective skin care product formulations. The trend aims to achieve a youthful, radiant complexion with refined, fresh skin.

Let's put a Christmas-y spin to it!

Glass Skin

Although matte skin is slowly becoming a trend again, the popularity of the dewy effect is forever.

"Glass skin" is one of the main Korean makeup trends that emphasizes healthy, glowing skin. With this effect, the skin looks perfectly clear, pores are not visible, and a slight damp sheen is noticeable on the face. To achieve this aesthetic, it is necessary to pay special attention to skin care, especially moisturizing and exfoliation.

Glass skin will harmonize with any Christmas makeup style, especially if you are going for more of a nude look. All you need to do is use a foundation with a shining finish and a highlighter - it should be fine-grind, without large glitters, but with a creamy texture. A product with large glitters will not work in this case: they will be visible on the face, and we need an even and natural glow.

Use products such as a light foundation or BB cream and a matte highlighter. This will help you achieve a natural glow.

Remember to avoid intense contouring, as the that counteracts the essence of the youthful, glass skin concept.

Bonus Tip: If your outfit features a plunging neckline, you can apply highlighter on your collarbones or shoulders, this technique will accentuate them.


We all love to shine.

Transform any makeup look into a festive one by applying sparkling shadows to the eyes: the brighter, the better. Swipe on your favorite glitter liner for extra dramatic flair.

To make the eyes pop even more, consider framing them with a dark liner and false lashes.

If you're a fan of innovative makeup, then the classic shimmery shadows can be replaced with duochrome shadows: they will shimmer on the eyes in different shades.

Wanna go the exyta mile to glow like a star? Apply a couple of rhinestones near the eyes!

Snow Queen Look

We already know that glitter is the main trend once the holidays come ringing in. What else can you do with it and how can it diversify your look? We'll tell you below!

Achieve the ultimate winter beauty look by harnessing the power of shades of white. Mascara-painted eyelashes, a combination of shiny white-blue shadows, some smokey-eye magic; et voila, your look is cold and clean—like a real Snow Queen!

Snow Bunny (I'm Cold Makeup)

Wanna look like you just came back fromnthe snowiest day ever? Well, the snow bunny aesthetic is the way to go!

The snow bunny becomes a hot topic every winter season, having gained popularity thanks to social media (where it is also known as the "I'm cold" makeup). All blushing and rosey without actually having to hit the slopes or drag yourself through a blizzard.

To recreate it, you need to apply a pale foundation on your face, perhaps a little lighter than your natural skin tone. You'll need a generous dabs of blush, voluminous lashes, and, of course, lots of glitter! Glitter is the main character.

Blush is typically used in a cooler shade to mimic a genuine winter flush. Apply it liberally across the cheeks and the tip of the nose to give the impression that they were reddened from the cold. And with the remaining elements, everything is quite simple —abundantly thicken the eyelashes with mascara? Next, apply the shiny eyeshadows mentioned above, and that's it; your mesmerizing holiday makeup is ready!

Mistletoe-Ready Lipstick

That leaves us with the last part, the kiss...we mean lips! The best choice here is tint for longer lasting coverage and balm for fresh glossiness.

Speaking of which, this combination is very popular among K-Pop idols. Most of your biases are often seen dolled up in understated tones of pink, peach, or red.

Holiday Makeup Beyond the Trends

Makeup is not just a style, it is a philosophy that calls for turning to your own uniqueness and naturalness.

So don't just limit yourself to the trends! Don't be afraid to add something truly different and unique to your look this Yuletide season!


Featured Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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