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PopMachine Playlist: Top K-Pop Songs of July

It's been two weeks since we turned the page on July, but the K-Pop songs that dropped last month still echo into the chapters of August.

BTS Jungkook and Seventeen Jun
Jungkook of BTS and Jun of SEVENTEEN | Images from Big Hit Music and Pledis Entertainment

Whatever rhythm your summer beats to, the PopMachine team has their fingers on the pulse of the best tracks released in July—so you are bound to find a gem that shines your way in here!

From sentimental sad songs to cry your eyes out to all the way to happy melodies that will make you feel like you just won the lottery, you're about to delve into a sundry of music that speaks to all your emotions. It's a galaxy of tunes that will have you smiling, screaming, crying, cheering, laughing, and daydreaming...but hopefully, not at the same time.

After all, that is the very essence of make us feel. So, no matter which lightstick you wave, this playlist is for you. Make way for the soundtracks of our July.

PopMachine Playlist: The Best K-Pop Songs of July


★ "Seven" by Jungkook of BTS

Jungkook's latest banger "Seven" is here, and it's a total game-changer! This solo track marks a huge milestone in his career, showing off his unique style that sets him apart from the rest. The beat is so slick with those glitchy vibes, and his vocals are like a breath of fresh air, switching effortlessly between soulful crooning and rhythmic flows. You’ll find yourself humming along in no time! And guess what? There's an explicit version that's daring and shows the BTS member breaking free from the traditional "K-pop idol" image. Additionally, having Latto featured on his song will definitely bring you out of your seat to dance and bop your head up and down. This single has hit #1 on the Billboard Charts, and has hit #1 in our hearts!

★ "Psycho" by Jun of SEVENTEEN

Alright, brace yourselves, because Seventeen Jun's latest release, "Psycho," takes us on a wild and combative ride! If you've grooved to his previous solo material like "Limbo", you'll feel the familiar vibe, but trust me, this one's even catchier. The only downside? It's just over two minutes, and we all are craving more! But hey, when you hear it, you'll understand why it's so intertwined with Jun's epic dance skills. Because the duration of the song is short, we all can’t help but wish it was longer and more fleshed out. Nonetheless, it's a captivating curiosity that you'll find yourself vibing to, even if it doesn't fully whisk you away into a whole new sonic realm. So, hit play, dance along, and embrace the craziness – Jun's got us hooked on his unique and electrifying world!

★ "Do It Like That" by TOMORROW X TOGETHER (Ft. The Jonas Brothers)

Get ready for the ultimate summer anthem - TXT's collab with the Jonas Brothers, "Do It Like That"! This funk-pop track is bursting with catchy melodies and addictive choreography. It seamlessly combines both bands' colors while allowing each to shine in their own way. The Jonas Brothers kick things off with their signature style, and then Yeonjun takes the stage, passing the mic to TXT for a fiery second verse. The smooth back-and-forth between the two groups makes you think they're one big, harmonious band. The music video adds to the fun with vibrant semi-formal wear, laughter, and dance moves, reminiscent of TXT's "Crown" days. It's a celebration of music and pure summer joy!

★ "Cream Soda" by EXO

Brace yourselves, because EXO just dropped their epic new album "Exist," including one of the standout tracks, “Cream Soda”! Can we just appreciate that title? "Cream Soda"— it's like a delicious summer treat for our ears! And believe me, it lives up to the hype! Once the song starts, those hypnotic beats hit you, and you can't help but dance like there's no tomorrow. The boys' vocals are out of this world - smooth, powerful, and oh-so-dreamy. The lyrics are catchy, and the rap parts add an extra punch. The production is spot on, with a refreshing mix of electronic and pop elements. "Cream Soda" is a total bop that you won't be able to get enough of.


NCT Dream's latest release, "ISTJ," is an absolute hit! The songwriting team from "Broken Melodies" and the addition of Kenzie from SM Entertainment make it a recipe for success. The track showcases the members' strong vocals, with an exciting chorus that delivers funky vibes and thrilling harmonies. The percussion adds a driving energy that's been missing in recent K-pop trends. There's no denying that the highlights, like the SHINee-esque hooks, leave us clamoring for more. "


★ “Summer Comes” by Oh My Girl

Whisked to Bliss: Oh My Girl's 'Summer Comes' is a jubilant ode to everlasting summers, resonating with sun-soaked memories and newfound affections. Set against an ice cream shop backdrop, the song's choreography adds an extra scoop of delight to the experience. Let the music transport you to a world where sweet melodies and vibrant moves converge, crafting a dance of nostalgia and love. With each step and note, Oh My Girl invites you to savor the flavors of eternal summer, making 'Summer Comes' an irresistibly heartwarming treat for the senses.

★ “Cool With You” by New Jeans

Embrace the Solitude: New Jeans' 'Cool with You' is a melancholic masterpiece that echoes the depths of isolation and longing. With lyrics that speak volumes without uttering a word, the song weaves a somber tale of unspoken emotions. Amidst the sadness, a poignant connection thrives, illustrating a unique bond that transcends mere words. New Jeans capture the essence of heartache and the comfort found in shared melancholy. 'Cool with You' resonates as a bittersweet melody of understanding, reminding us that sometimes, being alone together can be the most comforting solace.

★ “I Want” by IVE

Fizz and Fun Collide: IVE's 'I Want' is a fizzy pop sensation that infuses the spirit of a festival into every step. Just like the effervescent bubbles in a Pepsi, the choreography sparkles with infectious energy. From lively city streets to personal stages, the song's rhythm ignites a refreshing frenzy. With moves that mirror the pop and sizzle of a soda, 'I Want' captures the essence of celebration and spontaneity. As IVE's voices blend in harmony, the dance unfolds like the perfect sip – vibrant, exhilarating, and leaving you craving for more. Let's pop, fizz, and dance our hearts out!

★ “Bet On Me” by ITZY

ITZY's 'Bet On Me' ignites empowerment with every beat. Amid doubts, it's a declaration of self-trust and resilience. The lyrics inspire us to rise, fall, and rise again, embracing challenges. As ITZY's voices unite, the song encapsulates the journey of self-discovery and courage. Get ready to soar by betting on yourself.

★ “Party O’clock” by NMIXX

Dive into the Groove: NMIXX's 'Party O' Clock' is your invitation to a magical night. With stars awake and dreams in the air, it's a confetti-filled celebration where every beat ignites the dance floor. Feel the pulse, be the spark – this song turns moments into memories. Join NMIXX in this vibrant universe, where 'Party O' Clock' isn't just a song, it's the heartbeat of the night!


★ "Festival by Sandara Park

Dive into a world of euphoria with Sandara Park's 'Festival.' This track ignites a rhythmic celebration, infusing catchy beats with Sandara's signature charisma, inviting us to dance along in a vibrant musical carnival.

★ "This Love" by Hyolyn

Hyolyn's 'This Love' is an emotive masterpiece that resonates with its soul-stirring vocals. As the melodies embrace you, you'll be carried through a journey of deep emotions and heartfelt lyrics, a testament to the power of love's enduring impact.

★ "Air Force One" by Odd Eye Circle

Board 'Air Force One' with Loona's Odd Eye Circle and embark on a whimsical sonic flight. This mesmerizing track blends ethereal harmonies and dreamlike textures, guiding listeners through a sonic universe where imagination takes flight.

★ "Roller Coaster" by NMIXX

Brace yourself for a sonic thrill with NMIXX's 'Roller Coaster.' This electrifying tune propels you through twists and turns of pulsating beats, delivering an adrenaline rush that captures the exhilaration of life's unpredictable moments.

★ "SHHH" by Kiss of Life

"SHHH" casts a melodic spell, painting a tale of affection through harmonious notes. With each musical touch, the track weaves a captivating narrative, evoking emotions as profound as the bond it portrays.



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