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TOMORROW X TOGETHER's ACT: LOVESICK World Tour Concludes in Manila

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) took Philippine fans on a journey to a magic island with the finale of their ACT: LOVESICK World Tour.

Ever since their debut in 2019, TXT ensured that we wear our crowns proudly and that our favorite math equation will always be 0X1=LOVESONG.

So, it's no surprise to see thousands of fans flock to their concerts.

On October 27 and 28, the SM MOA Arena in Metro Manila was home to thousands of MOAs (#MOAsinMOA) who welcomed TXT to their first concerts in the Philippines. The 2-day concert in the capital also marked the monumental end of the group's first world tour.

ACT: LOVESICK in Manila was highlighted by TXT's extraordinary vocals, powerful dance moves, ethereal charm, and endearing presence.

Once you watch them live, there's no denying that they live up to their "fourth gen it-boy group" repuation.

Being more than triple threats, Hueningkai, Taehyun, Beomgyu, Soobin, and Yeonjun gave rise to the chaos, the dreams, and the wonder in an arena packed with Thursday's children.


The ACT: LOVESICK World Tour kicked off on July 2 and 3 in Seoul. Next, the five-strong made a seven-city visit across multiple US cities before taking 6 Asian cities by storm. With a performance at Lollapalooza included in their tour schedule, the members casually made history as the first K-Pop group to take the iconic Chicago stage.

After four months of sharing the summer and fall with fans, TXT made a touchdown in Manila for the finale of their first world tour.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER performs "Anti-Romantic" at ACT: LOVESICK in Manila

Day 1 of the Manila shows started with "0X1=LOVESONG" and concluded with "Good Boy Gone Bad", "Thursday's Child", "Dubaddu Wari Wari", and "Sweat".

Making the moments in between songs count too, each member made the crowd smile and laugh with their heartwarming "ments" and signature humor. The Tubatu boys also made a sincere effort to give out high fives, spread finger hearts, flex their Filipino language skills, and even read the fan signs in the crowd.

The love and appreciation was evident in every single one of their "ments". Once the show was drawing to a close, the sepanx and PCD was bound to kick in, but Beomgyu made a promise to return soon. Ever the angelic maknae of the team, Hueningkai backed it up with:

I bet you were waiting for this moment as much as we were, weren't you?
I can't thank you enough for trusting in us and waiting as long as you did. Spending these two hours, singing the songs we made for you has made me happier than I could have ever imagined. We're going to put shows on for you more often from now on. We'll see you soon, MOA! Stay healthy!
-Hueningkai (ACT: LOVESICK In Manila, Day 1)

TXT walked MOAs through each chapter of their repertoire, so far. From the Dream Chapter and Chaos Chapter all the way to Blue Hour andThursday's Child, the group told it like a fairytale.

From our viewpoint, ACT: LOVESICK in Manila was a visionary lovesong for the anti-romantic, and an infinite summer.

Wari Wari Festival

If you're familiar with the Weverse interactions between TXT and MOAs, you'll notice that the lighthearted sarcasm between the two is a saga that never ever ends.

A sassy remark here and some witty banter there. Yet regardless of the mischievous love between the boyband and their fandom, the concert days are driven by warmth.

Wari Wari Festival 2022
Wari Wari Festival 2022 | Image courtesy of ONE DREAM PH

Before the highly-anticipated event began, PH MOAs organized a variety of fan events. One of these was the #WariWariFestival2022 by One Dream PH in collaboration with TXT Philippines.

The MOA-made event elevated the festivities to new heights with a wonderland of food booths and activities fit for a MOA queen/king. So, it's safe to say that MOAs were fueled by loads of popcorn, hotdogs, ice cream, and freebies. (No wonder the energy was at peak levels during both concert dates).

Wari Wari Festival 2022
Wari Wari Festival 2022 | Image courtesy of ONE DREAM PH

Going the extra mile, the fanbase gave away 20 concert tickets and booked an LED truck to hype up the festival with TXT's music videos .

Tomorrow X Together Wari Wari Festival hy MOAs
Wari Wari Festival 2022 | Image courtesy of ONE DREAM PH

But wait, there's more; One Dream PH even provided a photobooth, because pics or it didn't happen!

Overall, the fanbases made sure that the pre-game was just as exciting as the main event.

Wari Wari Festival 2022 during TXT's Act: Lovesick tour in Mamila
Wari Wari Festival 2022 | Image courtesy of ONE DREAM PH

While all the fan projects were a success, one of the most noteworthy ones was clearly the MOA Diary board. This project gave fans the opportunity to write messages for the quintet. In true MOA style, the messages were a mix of sweet and hilarious.

The MOA Diary board reached its destination safely, with TXT's very own Taehyun snapping a photo of it and posting it on social media!

MOA Diary board from PH MOAs
MOA Diary board | Image from @txt_members on Twitter

What can we say? MOAs wrote a wish list, said the magic words, and it came true.


To MOA's five stars who brought the magic to Manila, congratulations on completing your first world tour!

TOMORROW X TOGETHER may have turned the page on the Thursday's Child era, but the end of one chapter only signifies the beginning of the next.

According to their recent TikTok video, a new chapter is coming for TXT and MOAs, because the two have no end.

What will TXT have in store for their next tour?

Only the tomorrows will tell.




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