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TOMORROW X TOGETHER Turns Lollapalooza Into TXTpalooza

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

The supremely talented TXT just capped off their US Tour with an electrifying performance at Lollapalooza...or should we say TXTpalooza?

Let July 30, 2022, be known as the day that TOMORROW X TOGETHER made history as the first K-Pop boyband to perform on the Lollapalooza stage. At the same time, they set the tone for the future to be the one of biggest acts in the music industry.

Lollapalooza: A TXT Festival

The quintet of vocals and visuals recently embarked on their first world tour, ACT: LOVESICK. And the US leg of their tour concluded with a bang at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

With a live band backing them up, Beomgyu, Soobin, Hueningkai, Yeonjun, and Taehyun took the stage clad in their signature pop punk style that fits them like a glove. Their set kicked off with their most recent hit song, "Good Boy Gone Bad".

To get the energy up to even higher levels, the 5-strong band then went straight into a powerful performance of "Frost" from The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE.

And as expected, the MOA cheers and applause could be heard from outerspace.

Ian Dior also joined in on the happy chaos with a performance of their collaboration, "Valley of Lies". This marked their 2nd live performance together after his appearance at the group's Los Angeles concert on July 24.

Oh It's Just Like Magic

On top of that, TXT also enchanted the audience with their wonderful perfomances of "Magic" and "Thursday's Child".

The certified Thursday's children wrapped up their festival set with 2 massively popular tracks from the Chaos Chapter, "LO$ER=LOVER" and "0x1=Lovesong"; literally the only math equations that we would love to solve.

Whether you were a MOA in live attendance or a MOA watching from home, the plethora of trending TXTpalooza hashtags on Twitter will make you relive the legendary Ddubaddu boys moments over and over again until the next time!



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