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Hueningkai Day: 8 Times the TXT Maknae Was A Real-Life Angel

Happy birthday, Hueningkai!

A wise leader and caring hyung once said “As long as we have emotions and we are human, you can’t not love Hueningkai.”

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s maknae, Hueningkai, has proven to be a true #RockstarAngel on Earth on multiple occasions—and TXT leader Soobin’s heartfelt opinion couldn’t have been more accurate.

Hueningkai of TXT
Happy birthday, Hueningkai! | Image from Big Hit Music

As the lovely #MOA and #Ningdungies across the globe celebrate #HueningkaiDay or #HyukaDay on August 14, 2022, let’s take a look at the 8 heartwarming moments when the K-Pop star proved he’s as kind as he is talented.

Hueningkai may have turned 21 (20, international age)—but it’s clear he’ll always be TXT’s and MOA’s precious baby.

1. A Piano-Playing Angel Busking in New York City

Shortly after their debut in 2019, TXT flew to the U.S. for a showcase in multiple cities. During their stop in New York, the group went on a busking adventure in Washington Square Park.

This is when Hueningkai turned into a piano-playing angel right in the middle of New York City! He mesmerized the crowds with his musical skills and the emotional reactions of his four hyungs touch our MOA hearts every time. Each of them had a teary-eyed “I-am-so-proud-of-our-multi-talented-maknae” face on—and it was truly a moment that would make any viewer love TXT’s genuine friendship even more.

Video source: Star in US | MNET

2. A Baby-Naming Angel For MOA

You know you stan the right idols when you see their sincerity and kindness towards fans. That’s why MOA can collectively agree that being a fan of TXT is a fantastic decision—because all the members are incredibly sweet and thoughtful towards those in their fandom.

TXT’s show in Atlanta during their 2022 ACT:LOVESICK Tour was home to one of the most adorable fan interactions ever in the K-pop scene. A mom-to-be MOA in the audience held up a sign asking TXT to choose a name for her baby. Hueningkai obliged and gladly wrote the names “Nathan” and “Lilly” on the banner. No one was ready for this pure and heart-melting interaction. It was a case of a baby naming a baby—and it lives in our heads rent free!

3. A Plushie Angel for Life

While most people graduate from their love for stuffed toys before they reach their teens (which we’ll never understand why), Hueningkai is a proud plushie angel for life. We adore how he has so much sentimental value for his collection of stuffed toys that bring him happiness and comfort. The TXT maknae shows audiences that you’re never too grown up to love, value, and carry around the plushies that make you smile.

One popular member of his collection, Sweet Potato, is actually Hueningkai’s matching stuffed toy with his sisters, Lea and Kep1er’s Bahiyyih. During a VLIVE, he shared that the three of them have kept them for years! He’s a sweet plushie owner and a sweet brother. #SiblingGoals

4. The Official Angel of Magical Belly Rubs

If you’re a true MOA, you’d know about Hueningkai’s unique and endearing habit of rubbing people’s bellies to give them comfort and energy.

Video source: Star In US MNET

All his four hyungs in TXT can always count on their maknae’s magical belly rubs for an instant boost of endorphins—and MOAs get just as much comfort just by watching them like true Ddubaddu Wari Wari sorcery!

5. An Angel Sunbae to His K-Pop Juniors

#MOAs and #ENGENEs just couldn’t get enough of the friendly interaction between Hueningkai and the ENHYPEN members.

Prior to the filming of the TXT & EN- PLAYGROUND episode, Hueningkai made sure to drop by the greenroom of his juniors to break the ice and play games with them before filming started. It was such a thoughtful gesture of him as a sunbae to make sure that his hoobaes felt comfortable around him behind the scenes before the cameras started rolling for the special episode.

Video source: Big Hit Music

6. A Beverage Fairy for HYBE Staff

Hueningkai’s genuine politeness towards everyone he meets can not be denied—even the HYBE staff constantly witnesses this firsthand.

During the TO DO X TXT Outlaws of HYBE episode, the maknae was seen cutely asking for a bit of popcorn that a HYBE staff member was eating in the theater. As a thank you, Hueningkai made sure to give the staff a beverage that he was carrying in his loot basket. They’re the fairies of shampoo and the fairies of hydration.

7. An Angel Of Truth Amidst TXT Chaos

One of the many things that fans love about TXT is their endearing and unparalleled chaos. For the Tubatu boys, chaos isn’t just a chapter—it’s a lifestyle that never fails to entertain fans.

With each member being dedicated to winning no matter what the game is, there's no shortage of funny events and friendly betrayals when watching TXT. During TXT x TO DO episode 10, Soobin's last mission to win the game was to place the MOA Bong on a table heavily guarded by Yeonjun, Beomgyu, and Taehyun. While the three members actively blocked and hilariously denied that Soobin was able to touch the table, Hueningkai's honesty kicked in. He told the staff that Soobin was indeed able to touch the table with the MOA Bong—leading to Soobin being declared as the official winner of the game. Winning might be important, but to Hyuka, #SooKai is life.

8. An Angel To All Living Creatures

Because it’s #HueningkaiDay, let's look back at the time that Hueningkai decided to befriend the bait instead of using it know, bait.

He chose to keep the worm as his pet for as long as he could as he caringly held it in his hands. It's official you guys, Hyuka is an angel to all living creatures.

Video source: Big Hit Music

Thank You K-Pop Deities for #HappyHueningkaiDay

The list of all the times #AngelRockstarHueningkai proved his kindness and let his inner Golden Retriever personality shine through could go on forever. TXT Yeonjun himself once said during Weekly Idol episode 483 that their maknae is too pure and innocent for this polluted world, and we can clearly see why.

As we celebrate #HappyHueningKaiDay, let’s thank the K-Pop deities for gifting the music industry with an idol who shreds stages and high notes with his extraordinary talent and melts hearts with his precious, one-of-a-kind personality.



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