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TXT's Soobin Proves He's a Proud Hedgehog Dad

TXT's Soobin took to Weverse to update MOAs with cute photos of his pet, Odi, and now everyone wants a hedgehog!

Just in time for Father's Day season, Soobin took to Weverse to share warm and fuzzy pictures of his pet. MOAs were quick to re-share the content on Twitter and Instagram, and now Odi is officially the most popular hedgehog in the world.

TXT Soobin and Odi the Hedgehog
TXT's Soobin and Odi the Hedgehog | Images from Big Hit Music and Weverse

Odi Supremacy

In K-Pop land, the pets of idols usually get just as famous as their loving owners, and the Soobin-Odi tandem is no exception.

TXT's leader interacted with fans on Weverse by posting a video of this pet hedgehog having a snack. Then, the Odi series continued when he shared a few photos of his spiny friend reluctantly being bathed in a sink. It goes without saying that every MOA's heart was effectively warmed with happy hedgehog endorphins.

Odi the Hedgehog | Image from TXT Weverse

From now on, Odi is one of our favorite trending topics!

TXT's First World Tour

In other Tomorrow X Together news, the quintet is gearing up to embark on their very first world tour, ACT: LOVE SICK. The series of concerts kicks off on July 2 and 3 in Seoul, which will mark their very first solo concert with a live audience since their debut in 2019. Afterwards, TXT will fly to 7 cities in the US (Chicago, New York Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles). The US concert dates will span from July 7 to July 23. On top of that, the band has a series of concerts in Japan in September.

TXT's ACT: LOVESICK WORLD TOUR | Image from Big Hit Music

And no worries for MOAs outside of South Korea, Japan, and the US, because it seems like more concert dates are yet to be announced!

Are you ready to see TXT hit the world's stages, MOA?


SOURCE: Weverse | Big Hit Music

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