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Jessi's 10 Most Iconic Moments at #ZoomInManila

While fans came for the music, they stayed for the moments in between when Jessi used her voice to speak words of wisdom.

Jessi at her first concert ever Zoom In Manila
Jessi at #ZoomInManila at the SM MOA Arena

On September 30, 2022, Jessi lit up the SM MOA Arena with her powerful voice, unfiltered banter, and showstopping personality.

Combining all three of these assets, Jessi was iconic in more ways than one.

No one walks into a room and entertains an audience quite like Jessi does. And whether it's due to her savage demeanor or her undeniable talent, this hip hop icon knows how to capture hearts. No doubt, the "Coldblooded" singer proved that she's a warmhearted queen.

While she may have slayed on stage with live performances of tracks like "Who Dat B?", "Gucci", "Nunu Nana", "What Type of X", and "Zoom", it's Jessi's soul-stirring words of inspiration and golden humor that gave us life.

Powerfully emotional. Seriously funny. Exceedingly inspirational. A party of epic proportions. That is what the Jessi concert experience is like.

Here are the top 10 most iconic #ZoomInManila quotes that showed us exactly what type of X Jessi truly is: Xtraordinary.

Jessi performs at Zoom In Manila
Jessi at #ZoomInManila at the SM MOA Arena

According to Jessi at Zoom In Manila

  1. You Got This

"I am actually going through a really hard time right now, but I always tell myself 'you got this'. You got this, you know? So I need you guys to always remember that you gotta keep constantly telling yourself: there will be battles in your life, but you f*****g got this, okay?"

2. Jessi's Supportive Parents

"I wanted to chase my dreams, and my parents let me. They knew I was gonna fall. They knew I was gonna fail, and they said 'it's okay to fail'. Look at me now; my parents are so proud of me."

3. It's About Confidence

"Whatever room in you arrive in, let them know that you're f***** there."

4. How About a Duet, Jessi?

"Philippines is known for having f****** good singers."

5. Jebbies Showered with Praise

"What are you guys not good at? Hey, Philippine people, hey! You guys are f****** good at everything. You can sing, you can rap, you can dance, you guys are pretty. You guys can do everything. What are you guys bad at?"

6. Pinky Promise?

"I swear if I ever retire, I'm moving to the Philippines."

Jessi at Zoom In Manila
Jessi at her first concert ever, #ZoomInManila

7. Wear Whatever You Want

"In Korea, it's not that it's bad, it's just that it's conservative. So people tend to wear a lot of clothing. I don't give a f***'s my body and at the end of the day, I'm 33, guys. So, I'm not gonna have this body forever. You know what I'm saying. Same with you guys. So, literally, wear what you want. Live how the f*ck you want."

8. Zoom In...Zoom Out

"Always take photos. Nothing lasts like photos. Take as much photos as you can."

9. An Arena Full of Stars

"I want all of you to know that you guys are all a star. That if you put your mind to anything, you'll do it. I promise you. You know why I can promise you that? Because it took me 18 years, and I did it. You guys can all do it too, okay?

10. The Debut of a Secret Tattoo

"By the way, I have a tattoo on my a**. You can kind of see it, but I didn't let anyone in Korea see it. You guys are the first ones seeing it. I've been covering it up...I'm shy."

11. Even Bad B*tches Have Tear Ducts

"A bad b*tch can still cry."

'Til next time, Jessi!



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