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Jessi Shares Special Bond and Secrets with PH Jebbies at #ZoomInManila

All cameras were zoomed in on Jessi as she owned the MOA Arena stage with her powerful vocals and signature sense of humor on September 30, 2022.

Jessi holds her very first concert in Manila
Jessi holds her very first concert in Manila

K-Pop history was made in Manila yesterday as the hip-hop icon held her very first concert ever—and the Philippine #Jebbies had the honor of being the audience for this significant moment.

K-Pop's favorite noona kicked off #JessiZoomInManila at 8pm with "What Type of X." Soon, audiences were even treated to the song "Numb" that had never been performed live anywhere else before.

This may have been Jessi's first concert ever, but she proved that she was born to be in the brightest spotlight—as there was not a single second during the show that didn't demand attention. Her compelling performances were followed by witty and hilarious interactions and secrets that hyped up the crowd to maximum volumes. Whether she was performing her hit songs or simply being her endearingly savage and honest self while talking to the crowd, every moment was one for the K-Pop history books.

Secrets Revealed

Aside from *shyly* revealing a butt tattoo that no one has ever seen before, openly questioning her outfit choice because of a constant "wedgy," being "so sick" of performing the song “Gucci," and some TMI that she'll be visiting her parents in November, Jessi also shared that she loves Manila so much that she'll be moving here when she retires. (You can't take that back anymore, Jessi—we’ll be waiting for you.)

#ZoomInManila's Most Magical Moments

But excitement and laughter weren't the only emotions that filled the air—Jessi and #Jebbies shared many special moments that caused teardrops to hit the arena’s floor.

The K-Pop star got emotional as she shared that she waited 18 years for this very moment in her career. Proving that she’s just as inspirational as she is talented, Jessi reminded the crowds that no matter what they are going through, they “Got this.”

The heartwarming, surprise VCR featuring Jessi's baby photos and touching fan messages that played against the enchanting instrumentals of “Star” prior to the live performance of the track was definitely one of the biggest highlights of #JessiZoomInManila. At this moment, lightsticks lit up the MOA arena and all the sentimental feelings filled up everyone’s heart. Undoubtedly, Jessi singing “Star” was a magical moment that Jebbies will always hold onto.

The hip hop queen ended #JessiZoomInManila with “Nuna Nana,’’ a song that she herself knew the crowd was waiting to go wild for from the very beginning. To make it extra-special, she performed a brand new, never-before-heard acoustic version of the song. And to show just how much she loves her Manila fans, Jessi came back for an encore performance of “SSENUNNI.”

Jessi watches the surprise VCR at #ZoomInManila
Jessi watches the surprise VCR at #ZoomInManila

A Queen of Authenticity and Perseverance

Known for being unconventional, Jessi took fan interactions to a whole new level and even hopped off the stage to take as many selfies as possible with some lucky fans—something no one ever expects during concerts. It’s clear that she shares a special bond with PH Jebbies, and they could not have asked for a more legendary finale to an exhilarating show.

#JessiZoomInManila proved that she’s not just a queen in the K-Pop scene. She’s a queen of authenticity and perseverance. She’s a star that shines bright unlike any other—and you don’t even need to zoom in anymore to see that.



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