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The 8 Best Jessi Collaborations (So Far)

Jessi is a different type of beast, and that's more than okay! Watch and listen how she unleashes her fire in these top collabs with equally talented artists.

Jessi has been belting out one hit song after the other ever since she first shined on the stage of Unpretty Rapstar season 2.

Taking home first place, the music industry was forever changed.

This pretty rapstar has a big voice that demands attention and a big, lovable personality to boot. And it just so happens that the queen of South Korean rap is heading to the Philippines for her #ZoomInManila concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on September 30, 2022. To get you hyped up for one of the most phenomenal concerts of the year, here are the best Jessi song collabs, so far!

Jessi ZoomInManila | Image courtesy of Neuwave Events and Productions

1. Don't Tell | Jessi and Kang Daniel

Two months ago, Jessi and Kang Daniel set the dance floor on fire with their smooth vocals and flaming Latino-inspired dance moves.

Be warned, though, "Don't Tell" will exhaust your replay button.

2. "Nunu Nana" | Jessi Featuring Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang took the stage with Jessi for a "Nunu Nana" duet at the 2020 KBS Song Festival. It was the sassy collaboration that we never knew we needed. Powerful, playful, and 100% on-brand.

3. Cold Blooded | Jessi with Street Woman Fighter

If confidence and swag were people they would be the cast of Street Woman Fighter. From HOOK to CocaNButter, the moves were served. Seeing them perform beside Jessi was definitely a spectacular sight to behold.

4. Dawndididawn | Dawn Featuring Jessi

Jessi is an ace and Dawn is a king. So when they join forces to create a song, it's going to be a hit without a shadow of a doubt. Checkmate.

5. Radio | Jessi X Henry

"Radio" by Henry Lau got a raspy twist when he performed it with Jessi. The vocal prowess that this duo has is simply unparalleled. Genuine talent x2.

6. Dance Monkey | Jessi X Henry

"Dance Monkey" by Tones and I is a timeless party anthem. Jessi's deep beautiful voice meshed with Henry's revitalizingly soulful vocals did justice (and them some) to the cover of the snappy track.

One does not simply hear this cover of "Dance Monkey" and just sit still. One must get up and dance for me, dance for me, dance for me...oh oh! 🎵

7. Don't Touch Me | Refund Sisters

The Refund Sisters are a K-Pop supergroup composed of Jessi, MAMAMOO's Hwasa, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Lee Hyori. The mighty band of singers clearly came to set the stage alight with their crisp vocals, polished dance moves, and theatrical music video.

When will we see more from the Refund Sisters? (Soon, please)

8. Drip | Jessi Featuring Jay Park

The subject is math. The equation is 1 legend+another legend. The solution is a hit song. And the grade is an A+. That's how much Jessi and Jay Park click in a track.

Jessi In Manila

Jessi will be zooming over to Manila, Philippines, on September 30 at 7 PM PHT at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. This fierce K-Pop event is presented by Neuwave Events & Productions, and tickets are available at SM Tickets.

Don't miss out. See you there, Jebbies!


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