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MAMAMOO Breaks Social Standards With Their New Single "Wanna Be Myself"

Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa spread a message of self-love wrapped up in a ravishing retro music video. A round of applause, fellow MooMoos!

Screen Capture from RBW / Wanna Be Myself Music Video

Clad in a wide selection of fashion-forward vintage aesthetic, MAMAMOO rocked hot pink boots, sparkly ensembles, stunning sportswear, and monoblock power suits. The artistic quartet sang up a storm and cat-walked like the true queens that they are, smashing over 5 million views on Youtube in less than 24 hours.

The overall message of the captivating track tackles the significance of revolting against the toxic patterns of society and being brave enough to be yourself. The perceptively fearless lyrics take center stage with the following audacious words of inspiration:

There is no set standard in the world

Oh, don’t fit me in

Not different, you and I are not different

You or me

I respect myself

If I like it, that’s it

I’m original

Not different, you and I are not different

Every day

I wanna be myself

The Korean superstars worked their usual magic of pure talent and groundbreaking charisma, while giving us a vital reminder that we don't need to fit in to be accepted. It's much more beautiful to stand out by being yourself in every positive, genuine, and unapologetic way possible. It's the purest form of self-love and self-respect that you can give to yourself, so don't settle for anything less. As MAMAMOO said, be yourself and you can achieve your dreams!

Screen Capture from RBW / Wanna Be Myself Music Video

Watch their video for a dose of retro aesthetic and empowerment!

Wanna Be Myself - MAMAMOO


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