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Top 7 Underrated Monsta X Songs

These Monsta X gems deserve their moment in the spotlight!

Monsta X is a South Korean K-pop boy group formed by Starship Entertainment in 2015. And the group has been gifting us with a lot of good music ever since. While they have produced one hit after the other, we're about to introduce the most underrated songs by Monsta X.

Monsta X
Monsta X | Image from Starship Entertainment

1. Blame Me

We need to talk about this one; it has a more danceable style but with an element of sensitivity. It brings that feeling of being away from someone, but still thinking about the person with hope.

"We still text ate night
And it's funny thinkin' bout your bedside
Phone straight down, you ain't takin a risk
You know damn well that there's always a chance we go back”

2. Wildfire

This is a song full of depth about the feeling of a love that doesn't do you any good, yet you can't leave.

“I feel like it’s a riddle messing with my head

And I can’t fight

I don’t think I know the feeling

That’s in my chest

I'm up all night, twisting, turning

Breaking out in sweat

Inside this room, I found my doom”

3. She’s the One

This track brings that feeling of loving someone without being able to speak when you need courage. This is perfect for those moments when only a song can say everything you feel.

“'Cause she's the one I get feelings from

I could write a million songs, but I know it's not enough

'Cause she probably doesn't even know this song's about her”

4. Underwater

This is for the hard times when you end a relationship and feel lost and drowning. It's about hoping things would be different because you worked hard for that relationship.

“Tell me how to forget you

And baby tell me

How to stop loving you

Do you still love me too

Or am I asking to you

Just like a fool

I’m tryna be good”

5. Misbehave

This is about that kind of chaotic love; that love that people don't understand yet works in its own way.

“Burning flowers after hours

I’d be dying if I didn’t love this pain

Smashing plates and broken dates

And all the lies I'm telling just to see your face

Picture perfect only works in movies

I don't care about or wanna see

I only feel alive when I don't feel safe

I wouldn't wanna have it any other way”

6. Whispers in the Dark

The Dreaming brought nothing short of perfection. This one is about that feeling of falling in love with someone you thought you knew but found out you didn't.

“Whispers in the dark

No you don't even know who you are

There's a price that you placed on your heart

Oh, a black dress can cover your scars, but I hear whispers in the dark

Now you can't tell the truth from the heart

Swear you're having the time of your life

You're an actress, a beautiful lie, but I hear

Whispers in the dark”

7. If With U

This one was released recently and had a fantastic clip. It's about a love that makes everything okay and has a super danceable rhythm. Trust us; if you are having a bad day, this one will make you feel happy.

It's incredible how Monsta X brings out the most profound themes in a way that makes us feel good. We hope you enjoyed these songs. Tell us which one is your favorite!


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