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7 Reasons Why SEVENTEEN's Joshua Hong Is One of Our Favorite K-Pop Idols

Happy birthday to K-Pop's Sunday Morning, Joshua Hong!

We don't roll the dice in the game of favorites, but if we did, Joshua Hong of SEVENTEEN would be way up on our bias meter.

Joshua is known as a part of SEVENTEEN's vocal unit and hyung line. Moreover his evident talent as a singer and dancer, there is more to Joshua's kaleidoscope of a persona that fans are captivated by.

Whether he's serenading CARATs with "Sunday Morning" on loop, making people laugh with his signature brand of humor, or taking on his responsibilities as SEVENTEEN's "vice vice leader", there are a multitude of reasons to stan this classy cursive idol. But for now, here are 7 of them!

1. Sunday Morning Energy

What comes to mind when you think of a Sunday morning?

Is it a cozy sunrise? Is it a cup of tea? Your favorite music streaming from the speakers? Is it that book you've been meaning to indulge in? Perhaps it's a long drive that leads to the end of a rainbow?

Or could it be Joshua Hong crooning "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5 for the 1234566789th time?

Joshua's duality as a sweet gentleman and lawless comedian are unmissable during any given concert, TV appearance, or Going Seventeen episode.

The 28-year-old's persona is calming, ethereal, and sporadically chaotic; exactly like the ideal Sunday morning.

2. Fashion Authority

The homegrown Pledis artist has fashion weaved into his DNA. From Marni and Givenchy to a basic sweater and jeans, Joshua is a sophisticated dream in couture.

We would definitely want to go shopping with this style icon.

3. Uncle Joshua

One of the highest honors in this world is being liked by kids.

If you haven't watched the Return of Superman episodes featuring Joshua and Jun, you are missing out on some serious cuteness.

The SEVENTEEN duo made a guest appearance as uncles to Jaeyul and twins, Arin and Ayun (children of LABOUM's Yulhee and FT ISLAND's Minhwan). It goes without saying that the power these babies radiated had us in the palms of their miniature hands. Adding more to the heartmelting adorableness, Joshua and Jun were the perfect uncles in a beautiful way (Inside joke. If you know, you know).

They did such a good job at playing hide-and-seek, reading stories, and ice cream adventures that Arin and Ayun still expressed their fondness for their idol uncles in the succeeding episodes of The Return of Superman.

Aju Nice job, uncle Joshua and uncle Jun!

4. 11:11 Wishes

Joshua Hong on Weverse
Image from Weverse

Tying in with his Sunday Morning personality, another special quirk that Joshua possesses is his habit of posting screenshots of when the clock strikes 11:11. He usually shares the images on Weverse accompanied by a sweet message, giving fans a glimpse into his whimsical side.

There is magic in the smallest sparks in this world, and it takes a little faith (and a fast screenshot reflex) to see it.

Don't forget to make a wish when wishing hour strikes today, CARATs.

5. A Variety Show Professional

It isn't easy being funny, but Joshua makes it look like second nature. Seriously, if being a variety show guest were an official job, Joshua would be a professional.

Experience the Joshua effect on shows like Bro and Marble, Knowing Bros, No Prepare (hosted by Lee Youngji), The Return of Superman, and Sebongies' very own Going Seventeen.

6. Classy X Sassy

Joshua Hong of SEVENTEEN
Joshua of SEVENTEEN | Screen Capture from Pledis Entertainment

The powerhouse of Joshua's charm is clearly his innate classiness and sassiness that blend and never clash. From ramen hairdos to running in cursive, Shua flexes his funny-muscle on a regular basis.

What can we say? Joshua's hybrid demeanour makes him sweet as sugar, charismatic like a prince, endearing like a deer, and mischievous like Jeonghan.

7. Josh-Wita

Remember that time when the SEVENTEEN members were tasked with performing songs that don't suit them? (Well, if you don't, then you probably didn't watch it.)

The 95-liner performed a very Joshua-fied version of "Daechwita" by BTS' SUGA. He wasn't rapping nor was he singing. Honestly, we're not sure what it was, but we loved it anyway!

Happy birthday to our gentleman, Joshua!

Joshua Hong
Joshua Hong of SEVENTEEN | Image from @joshu_acoustic on Instagram

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