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6 Times SHINee's Minho Lived Up to His "Flaming Charisma" Nickname

Choi Minho just celebrated his 31st birthday on December 9, and it's our duty to highlight the ways in which his charm shines the brightest.

SHINee debuted in 2008, and in the span of their career, so far, the group's longevity is unparalleled. As the team's resident rapper and visual, there is no doubt about it that Minho lives up to his nickname, Flaming Charisma.

It's a given that this SM Entertainment idol knows how to set the stage ablaze, but there are more reasons than one as to why Shawols are captivated by Choi Minho.

Here are 6 reasons, because we didn't have time to enumerate the full 600.

1. Raps Like a Pro

The moment SHINee debuted, they were already well on their way to solidifying their status as an ensemble of It-Boys. Minho's It-Boy factor was built by multiple aspects, but one of the primary ones is his knack for rapping. For the unitiated (where have you been all this time??), we suggest listening to "Lucifer" to hear Minho's rapping at its finest.

We've never seen a more flamingly charismatic rapper. (Oh, and he can sing too. See "Heartbreak" and his newest song, "Chase")

2. Dresses Like a Dream

Choi Minho of SHINee
SHINee's Choi Minho | Image from @choiminho_1209 on Instagram

Minho's classy sense of fashion is like ASMR for the eyes. No matter what style he choosee to rock, it always ends up looking like haute couture. From the prince aesthetic to coordinates to a basic tee and jeans combo, if Minho's wearing it, it's vogue.

We don't know if you have to be born with it or if it's an acquired skill, but either way, this idol knows how to look like a model, walk like a model, and is possibly actually A MODEL. Always dapper.

3. Competes in Sports Events Like an Olympic Gold Medalist

The way that Minho excels in literally any sport that he tries is terrifying. We mean, how can a human possibly be good at soccer, basketball, swimming, diving, baseball, obstacle courses, hurdle race, high jump, AND running??

His athletic perfection can be seen during the ISAC Games (Idol Star Athletic Championship), wherein he won several gold medals. Other instances include his appearance on Dream Team, in which he completed a daunting obstacle course in less than one minute. (Who does that??)

And on top of that, you can also see him flex his God-given Herculean capabilities and brilliant mind in shows like Running Man, Law of the Jungle, 2 Days 1 Night, and The Return of Superman.

The SHINee member even once said that if he didn't become an idol, he would have been an athlete.

4. Loves Kids Like the World's Best Uncle

This one ties in nicely with The Return of Superman, which we just mentioned a moment ago and it's easily one of the main reasons why we'll be Minho fans forever. While it's obvious that Minho is extremely strong, he can also do a 180⁰ to show his softer side, especially when he's around children.

Aside from Olympic gold medals, Minho also deserves a mug with the words "World's Best Uncle" inscribed on it. From our point of view, he loves kids and kids love him back.

During his many guest appearances on The Return of Superman, viewers can see Minho be the best uncle to many of the little ones on the show. This includes Lee Dong Gook's son, Lee Si An (more famously known as "Daebak") and Park Joo Ho's kids, Na Eun, Gun Hoo, and Jin Woo.

Yes, the person who competitively squashed the competition at the ISAC Games, is the same person who happily gives piggyback rides and feeds babies in The Return of Superman.

He can do both.

Legend has it that kids usually speak with unfiltered truth, so it's an honor to pass their vibe check just like Minho does!

Go ahead and watch Minho's guestings in The Return of Superman if you want your heart to melt. We dare you.

5. Dances Like a Boss

While Taemin may be SHINee's "Dance Machine", Minho also dances like a boss.

In fact, the way each SHINee member synergizes with their own signature moves is replay-worthy is every way.

Don't Call Us unless you've seen this Minho fan cam.

6. Acts With Oscar-Worthy Skills

Choi Minho as Soo Ho in Hwarang
Choi Minho as Soo Ho in Hwarang | Image from KBS

You didn't ask, but here's some TMI for you: the first time I saw Choi Minho was on the K-Drama, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Portraying the role of Soo Ho, he was easily one of my favorite characters (how does one even choose a fave among the stunning cast?).

He truly became the character by wielding a sword, breaking hearts, and hilariously getting into fights with Park Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han). Aside from Hwarang, the idol-turned-actor also starred in Salamander Guru and the Shadows, To the Beautiful You, Medical Top Team, and My First Time (I highly recommend this feel-good/feel-sad/feel-good show!)

In January 2023, we can finally watch his latest series on Netflix, The Fabulous. And we can predict that it will indeed be nothing short of sparkly, inspirational, and welll...fabulous.

Happy birthday to the fabulous you, Choi Minho!


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