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10 Times SHINee's Key Was The King Of Fashion

Let's get the party started, Shawols; because SHINee's Key just turned 30!

In the midst of his "Bad Love" album release, SHINee's Key is standing right the limelight for his birthday season. As a paragon of the 3 Cs; Confidence, Cuteness, and Charisma; Key's presence in the K-Pop industry is nothing short of stellar.

Being the lead rapper and lead dancer of SHINee, Key has talent, charm, and more. Shawols often refer to him as the Sass King, and he owes it all to his shining reputation wrapped in playful sassiness.

When sassy meets stylish, you get the epitome of Key, and in celebration of this superstar's 30th birthday, we've rounded up the 10 times he sashayed around like the king of fashion.

This SHINee member owns his flair for fashion that's unapologetically and undeniably original, and that's probably one of the main reasons why he has the Key to our hearts!

1. Bad Love, 2021

A man in a space costume holding a futuristic gun
SHINee's Key "Bad Love" | Image From SM Entertainment

Key's latest album takes on an unconventional aesthetic that truly has fans on the edge of their seats. The intergalactic theme of "Bad Love" features Key as the main character in a futuristic film that takes place in a galaxy far far away.

He really gave us space trooper vibe with a dash of alien fashion!

2. Don't Call Me, 2021

A man wearing a sweater and a beret
SHINee's Key "Don't Call Me" | Image From SM Entertainment

"Don't Call Me" is a song that lives in our heads rent-free. The rhythm is captivating and the lyrics are sassy (just like Key!). Aside from delivering a dazzling performance, SHINee also served up looks in ensembles that belong on the runway. While all the members looked dashing, it's the sophisticated camel and brown outfit that Key wears that we want to copy so badly.

3. I Wanna Be, 2019

A man with blonde hair in a stylish pink outfit
SHINee's Key "I Wanna Be" | Image From SM Entertainment

Did someone order an EXTRA serving of pink?

A wise man once said that real men wear pink, and we couldn't agree more! Those faux leather pants truly bring out the hot pink satin sass of his knee-length jacket. The choice of wearing a bow in a dark hue ties the entire outfit together perfectly.

4. Vogue, 2021

A man posing for Vogue magazine
SHINee's Key for Vogue | Image From Vogue Korea

Key was recently featured as Vogue Korea's muse, and it's safe to say that he unleashed his inner model during the photoshoot. Clad in all black, Key's fierce persona looks powerful enough to crush haters with the click of his polished combat boot.

5. Vogue (Again), 2021

A man modeling for Vogue magazine
SHINee's Key ForVogue | Image From Vogue Korea

Key went all out when he struck poses for Vogue Korea this year. His army green rib knit sweater works in perfect harmony with his black cargo pants and camouflage Nike kicks. Don't even get us started on that stylish harness bag that serves as the focal piece of the ensemble. Very Maze Runner chic.

6. YouTube Music Awards, Seoul, 2013

SHINee's key at the Youtube Music Awards in Seoul in 2013
SHINee's Key at the YouTube Music Awards in Seoul, 2013 | Image From SM Entertainment

Only a king of fashion can burn the stage with a prop cut on his face and dark eyeliner framing his fierce eyes. Radiating vampire vibes, Key wears this velvet suit like a boss.

7. Key Face, 2018

SHINee's Key on stage during Key Face
SHINee's Key "Key Face" | Image From SM Entertainment

The year was 2018 when Key ruled the stage in a mesh top under a sparkly blazer. The showcase was a treasure trove of Key's charming vocals, smooth dance moves, and unprecedented charisma.

If you're in need of a fashion reset; well, here you go.

8. Atlantis, 2021

SHINee's Key posing for the Atlantis teaser photos
SHINee's Key "Atlantis" | Image From SM Entertainment

All aboard the boat to discover the city of Atlantis! All passengers are entitled to a VIP seat, SHINee music, and a style lesson from this very fashionable captain of the Seven Seas.

9. Don't Call Me Live Performance, 2021

SHINee Key
SHINee's Key | Image From SM Entertainment

Key is often spotted sporting extravagant attire that demands attention, but this lowkey Chanel-embellished outfit channels a laid-back aesthetic that definitely needs a spot in your closet.

Suspenders over a jean jacket? Genius.

10. Don't Call Me Outfit #2, 2021

SHINee Key in Don't Call Me Music Video
SHINee's Key "Don't Call Me" | Image From SM Entertainment

Don't hold it against us, but we can't get over the outfits that Key wore in the "Don't Call Me" music video. Fashion is all about confidence, and he has that skill mastered to a tee.

Not many people can wear a heavily feathered headpiece and not look like a chicken, but Key wears it like an ethereal crown!

Happy birthday, Key!


Image Source: SM Entertainment

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