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"Yours" by Jin of BTS Hits a Home Run and Claims the #1 Spot in 84 Countries

Jirisan ascends a new crescendo with "Yours" by Kim Seokjin supplying melodic magic.

From the flawless high notes to the heartfelt falsettos, Jin of BTS once again proves that he truly is the king of ballads with the release of his newest track, "Yours"—a smash-hit OST from the highly-acclaimed K-Drama series "Jirisan".

BTS' Jin | Image from Big Hit Music

See the Wonder of Jirisan X Hear the Magic of Jin's Silver Voice

"Yours" by Jin is quickly on its way to becoming the biggest hit of 2021. It skyrocketed to the #1 spot on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and claimed the #1 spot in 84 countries—all of these records were achieved within less than 24 hours of its release. To top it all off, the ethereal track solidified its status as the first solo song to climb to the top of the iTunes charts in 50 nations within a span of 4 hours.

Currently, it stands as the 2nd solo song with the most #1’s on iTunes for 2021, just one spot behind Adele’s “Easy on Me”. Clearly, the OST of the year has just arrived and just begun its record-breaking journey.

The talented member of BTS, the biggest band in the world, never fails to leave audiences awestruck with his soothing vocals and genuine emotions. Each and every one of the singer's solo tracks released so far has undeniably been the epitome of comfort. "Yours" has definitely lived up to this unique identity and succeeded at providing some much-needed solace—to the point that thousands of fans all over Twitter have even thanked BTS’ Jin for "becoming a singer".

Jin's captivatingly dynamic vocals have seamlessly intertwined with the powerful instrumentals to form a track that has officially claimed its throne as the ultimate chart-topping lullaby.

We’re convinced that the music industry has never heard a "La-da-da-da" lyric more enchanting than this. As "Yours" by Jin continues to make a historic impact on charts across the globe, it's inevitable that this track has found its own permanent, comfy spot on millions of playlists.

"Yours" by Jin sounds like a dream. And everytime we do press play, we end up crying.

The track accompanies some of the most heart-stopping scenes in the k-drama series, “Jirisan” starring Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon. It airs on tvN at 21:00 (KST) on weekends and is available for worldwide streaming on iQIYI.



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