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BTS ARMY Brews MapleStory Event For Jin's Birthday

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

BTS' Kim Seok Jin is turning 28 on December 4 this year, and his loyal fandom of ARMY and Seokjnnies are gearing up to celebrate the day with a bang!

Jin of BTS | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

Jin has propelled to international recognition due to his unique talent, sweet demeanor, sparkling humor, and worldwide handsomeness. As he lets the fandom in on more of his personal interests, it has quickly become evident that he isn't just a master of the stage, but a connoisseur of video games as well.

Jin x MapleStory

Jin frequently expresses his fondness for MapleStory. The 2D multiplayer role-playing game is a fantastic digital realm, wherein players can select a world of their choice and design their own characters. Basically, MapleStory is a virtual adventure where the world becomes your playground. With its quirky aesthetic, enlivening premise, and endearingly iconic pixelated contrast, it's definitely a game that suits Jin perfectly.

Moreover being an avid MapleStory player, the K-Pop star has also declared his love for Pink Bean. One clear instance of this was when he shared a photo of himself showing off his multi-sized collection of Pink Bean plushies on Weverse. The adorable plush cutie is a major boss character who can be found at the end of Temple of Time in the MapleStory game; and just like Jin, he has the power to warm hearts with his overwhelming charm.

BTS Jin with Pink Bean stuffed toys | Image From Weverse

ARMY X Jin's Birthday

Since one of his favorite online games is MapleStory, ARMYs have taken it upon themselves to incorporate the game into Jin's digital birthday celebration.

Initially devised by @fearlessjin on Twitter, more ARMYs and Seokjinnies were quick to jump onto the bandwagon for Jin's MapleStory birthday party. The objective of the event was to create a MapleStory character that represents the BTS member in different eras of his career, and use it as an icon on December 4.

Spreading the hasthtag #MaplestoryForJin, tons of ARMYs have already taken to social media to share their creative 2D renditions of Jin. News of the event is spreading like wildfire among fans online, and the hashtag is truly thriving on Twitter. The virtual celebration will even entail fun games with great prizes up for grabs.

Once again, BTS' fandom has proven that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with. From matching BTS' charitable efforts towards the Black Lives Matter Movement and supporting philanthropic organizations all the way to catalyzing digital events amongs themselves to celebrate their idols, ARMY has become one fine example of turning a waterdrop into an ocean of positivity.

With ARMY frequently exerting love and effort to make BTS feel special, Jin, V, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, and J-Hope, are seven of the luckiest men on the planet.

You ready to join #MapleStoryForJin on the 4th of December? You better be, because it's bound to be a party, and you're invited. Advanced happy birthday, Kim Seok Jin! #Borahae


Source: ARMY | Twitter

Image Sources: BigHit Entertainment


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