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BTS Goes Retro In Preview For 2021 Season's Greetings DVD

The boys are back and more old school than ever! As we can already tell from the teaser content that BTS launched yesterday, the septet is on a roll with their ravishing retro aesthetic.

Image from Big Hit Entertainment.

Into the Time Machine

In an era of technological advancements and automation, BTS slows it down and takes us back in time for their 2021 Season's Greetings DVD spot. The K-Pop sensations have made it an annual occurrence to release content for the holidays, and this year, it's got retro written all over it.

Each clad in ultra old school fashion, the members starred in their very own teaser segments. Donning a gorgeous Gucci jacket was Jin who kicked off the preview by playing an elaborate game of pool while showing off his signature hand twirl before he readjusted his stylish pair of glasses.

Images From Big Hit Entertainment

Next up was Jungkook, who looked dapper in a belted blazer before he emerged from behind a bright yellow umbrella. Suga was depicted in cool sportswear as he showcased his impressive basketball skills. Then the camera panned over to V, who was rocking bell-bottoms while seated at a retro diner booth. He even showed off his comedic flair by trading in a cup of coffee for a yogurt drink, which he drank from the bottom of the bottle. (Because honestly, that's the only way to drink it.) 

Images From Big Hit Entertainment

J-Hope was the next one to take the spotlight, as he grooved and vibed his way through an alley. In case you were wondering where RM was, he was strutting his way out of a pawnshop looking like a runway model in baggy pants. And last but not least, we got a glimpse of Jimin who radiated unconventional charm in a tracksuit and floral bandana.

The preview caps of with the septet in high spirits at a cozy diner. With the first teaser being this fun, we can already predict that the full DVD will be filled with even more merriment and antics. 

The Coming of BE

Meanwhile, ARMY is watching like a flock of hawks for the release of BTS' new album, "Be." The group has already shared an amazing collection of self-curated concept images that took the fandom by storm. Based on the artistry that they released, the comeback is bound to be big. November 20, here we come!


Source: Big Hit Entertainment

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