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Jin Radiates Ethereal Elegance in Concept Photos for BTS' Upcoming Album "BE"

Big Hit Entertainment just released Jin's self-curated concept photos for BTS' new album, "BE", and it's everything we dreamed it would be!

Image From Big Hit Entertainment

Kim Seok Jin of BTS has skyrocketed to fame with a sparkling reputation of talent, kindness, humor, and downright handsomeness. It has also become evident that the singer has an affinity for everything celestial and ethereal. With the launch of his teaser images for the group's highly-anticipated album, he continues to showcase that his taste is strongly inclined with the dreamy vibrance of pure white elegance.

Image from Big Hit Entertainment

Since last week, BTS has been taking over social media with their personally curated concept shots for their upcoming album. V was the first to reveal his photos, and they perfectly translated his love of exquisite Parisian flair and revitalizing hints of the ocean's wonder.

Jimin, RM, and Jungkook were next in line to showcase their personal interior design skills, and they were nothing short of spectacular. Jimin's design was a burst of floral finesse. RM used his sophisticated minimalistic aesthetic to his advantage to create a refreshing charming space. On the other hand, Jungkook took a turn for the dark and dashing as he smized into the camera from a room that resembled a modernistic music studio.

Today was all about Jin, as he was the next member to unleash his interior design artistry onto the fandom. Clad in angelic hues of pink, blue, and white, Jin was a whimsical vision in a room that synergized with his ethereal energy. Adorned with white ceiling-to-floor drapes, crystal baubles, and a turquoise chandelier, the room oozed sleek royal finesse. However, it was the lilac shell couch (and the worldwide handsome guy sitting on it) that truly stole the show. Looking at the image as a whole, the room is reminiscent of a pastel unicorn made of cotton candy clouds from our sweetest dreams.

#Curated_By_BTS is definitely winning over the internet. Your move, J-Hope and Suga!


Source: Big Hit Entertainment


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