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BTS ARMY Dubs Jin With The Nickname "Charts King Seok Jin"

Stirring up Twitter with an abundance of hashtags, ARMY and Seokjinnies have made some serious noise to celebrate the success of Jin's solo songs.

Ever Lasting Moon of the Charts' King Seok Jin

The ever-loyal BTS ARMY has taken to social media to sing praises of the new achievements that Jin has reached with his latest solo track, "Moon". With "Epiphany" recently surpassing 93 million streams on Spotify, it is only fitting that "Moon" shakes up the music scene too by hitting her 222nd day on the Melon Chart.

The amazing feat has officially made this love song the longest-charting BTS solo track, so far!

Being the unparalleled fandom that they are, ARMY was quick to launch a new set of hashtags in Jin's honor, such as #ChartsKingSeokJin and #EverlastingMoon.

A Love Song For ARMY

Known for his sweet and thoughtful manner, Jin emulated his adoration for ARMY in a sanguine love song. Brimming with celestial and earthly references, Jin illustrated how he revolves around ARMY, much like the moon revolves around the Earth. In the lyrics, he proclaims that he is the light that will stick around forever, and it is the poetic magic that we all needed to hear. Thanks to his tireless appreciation towards the fandom, the K-Pop star will always be perceived as the moon that orbits, evolves, and shines.

D-2 'Till Map Of The Soul ON:E

In other Bangtan news, the countdown to the biggest online BTS concert of the year continues! It may not be an in-person event (dang you, Covid-19), but Map of the Soul ON:E is expected to be one big digital party. Break out the snacks and dust off those ARMY Bombs, because BTS is back, and they're ready to hit the stage again!



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