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INTERVIEW: X ARA Takes Us On a Journey Through the Multiverse of Music

Hitchhike across the galaxy with X ARA, the first multiverse singer on the planet.

X ARA multiverse singer
X ARA | Image courtesy of REELS Corporation

Stars are born to shine for a world audience, but X ARA was invented to set the multiverse ablaze.

Ever since X ARA's recent debut, living in the digital era has taken on a whole new meaning. This uniquely talented singer has effectively redefined what it means to be an artist in the 21st century. The proof can be seen and heard in her retro vibe-rich debut single, "Hitchhiker", which was inspired by the massively popular novel, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

PopMachine had the opportunity to chat with this inevitable rising star to talk about all the essentials, like her monumental debut, her dream collabs, and her metaverse concert in the works.

Once you get to know X ARA, there's no doubt about it that "X" will stand for the opposite of unknown.

X ARA X PopMachine

  • Your debut is a huge milestone for the music industry. What is it like being the first multiverse singer in the world?

"I’m the first virtual singer to apply the multiverse concept of quantum mechanics, and I have three significant differences from other existing virtual humans.

Firstly, customized artists, music, and videos are provided in different languages. The X ARA of each region has an appearance that is familiar to the fans in the region and also sings in the according language, which immensely increases X ARA’s IP value.

Secondly, there are huge economic benefits. All the X ARAs share one IP for the music and videos, exponentially reducing the production cost as the total number of the multiverse singer. This applies to the commercials with the artist.

The third is expandability. X ARA has the advantage of being able to expand into an infinite number of artists."

  • "Hitchhiker" is such a catchy song! Can you tell us why "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" was the inspiration for your debut single?

"Human beings can’t live on Earth forever. Scientifically speaking, even if there are no events such as asteroid collisions, we wouldn’t be able to live on Earth when the sun eventually grows into a red giant. Although the song shares the same negative storyline of the Earth disappearing as the original story, I wanted to express mankind going on a joyful voyage deeper into space."

  • Tell us what it was like working with THE HUB for "Hitchhiker".

"I had fun working with the diverse team members during the production process, and we tried hard to bring out the feeling of going on a picnic to space."

  • When can fans expect a follow up to "Hitchhiker"?

"I’m preparing a mini-album titled “Multiverse,” and the music videos for all the B-sides are being made. One song and the music video will be released every two to three months by country. Also, there will be additional multiverse singers to meet even more fans."

  • Will there be a metaverse concert in the near future?

"Yes, it is being prepared. However, because only a few songs have been released, I plan on holding a concert once the mini-album is out."

  • Given that there are infinite X ARAs, and that we were already introduced to X ARA USA and X ARA Korea, can you give us a hint about which X ARA will debut next?

"The songs that have been completed are being translated into Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese."

X ARA metaverse artist
X ARA | Image courtesy of REELS Corporation

  • What does recording look like for a multiverse artist?

"In this world, there are countless number of singers who haven’t been able to debut. I worked with artists of various nationalities/languages, and I plan to continue to collaborate with more singers."

  • Do you have a name for your fandom?

"I’m expecting the name will come naturally as the fandom is created. I would say “1001001” if I were to give a name that I like, but I think it wouldn’t be easy to use since it’s long. 1001001 is a palindromic number with the meaning, “You and I are one,” as the number is the same when reversed. I think it would also be good to have the name said in the decimal system “73 (seven three)” as “1001001” is long to say haha."

  • Who is your role model in the music industry?

"X ARA is not a virtual human that imitates human beings—I advocate humanoids. I don’t pursue a specific genre of music, but I plan to create music of all genres. I wish to make music that everyone can enjoy. Therefore, I don’t have a specific role model and am focusing on becoming a new type of role model."

  • What's your dream collaboration?

"Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran."

  • What's the ultimate dream for X ARA?

"I want to create customized artists for each country, and by utilizing the artists in various content (music, movies), make the world more joyful and beautiful."

  • If you could transform any idol into a metaverse character for a day, who would you choose and how would you spend the day with them?

“Definitely, Nayeon! We could do the pop challenge on Mars, grab some Pixel Juice and throw a Meta-Party.”

X ARA multiverse artist
X ARA | Image courtesy of REELS Corporation

  • What can the physical world learn from the multiverse?

"I think the universe we live in is just a simulation universe in a diverse multiverse.

According to quantum mechanics, everything in the world is quantum, and it's all one, except the arrangement is different. I agree with it. Rather than hate and division, I want to make a harmonious world."

  • If you were to actually hitchhike across the galaxy, who do you hope is driving the car (or spaceship) that picks you up?

“Definitely Elon Musk. I’ve heard he’s already experienced such journeys a couple of times and knows the best hangouts!”

  • How will X ARA evolve as the first multiverse artist?

"I will continue to showcase a more diverse range of music genres. While it’s difficult for a single artist to be skilled in all genres, including classic, jazz, EDM, hip hop, soul, and rock, it’s possible for X ARA. In addition, in the near future, I will work with AI to write, compose, and sing without help from humans."

  • Do you have a social media account? If not, would you ever decide to create one so that fans can see what your daily life is like?

"I have accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, but because I don’t mimic humans, I don’t post things from my daily life. Still, I plan to continuously release content such as music, music videos, and movies. I want to connect with people through social media if there is a certain content that I believe is helpful to humankind."

  • What is your motto or inspirational quote that you live by?

"Richard Feynman said he would choose the phrase, 'All things are made up of atoms', if he were to leave only a single piece of information for his future generations. Everything in the world is one. Whether it be virtual or real, it’s all one. In the era of macrocosm voyages, I want to help humans evolve into multiplanetary species."

  • What is your message for your fans and the PopMachine readers?

"Please show a lot of love and support for the new attempts X ARA will be making, and X ARA promises to pay back the love with even better songs and music videos."

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