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Gloria Kim releases new single "Winter Without You"

Winter is quickly fading away, and we’re honestly not ready to say goodbye to the snow just yet. No matter how cozy we feel in our fleece jackets and knit gloves, we’re going to have to let go at some point. Good thing the perfect soundtrack to cap off this snowy season just dropped today it’s called “Winter Without You” by Gloria Kim.

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Gloria Kim | image from Instagram @gloriakimmusic

Winter Without You

10 seconds into the track, and you already know it’s going to be the new piano-driven song you cry buckets to when no one’s looking. Gloria Kim’s vocals are as subtle and icy as they are empowering. You'll be singing along to the winter anthem in no time.

The lyrics of “Winter Without You” talk about the struggle of trying to forget someone you miss when you know deep down inside that you want to hold on to all the memories at the same time. Anyone who’s trying to numb the pain or erase the memories of someone will find that this song knows exactly how they feel.


Why don't you

Pick up the phone and you tell her you love her

Late like the fall but it's better than never

For you, you

Cuz she's writing sad songs and each one's about you

Keeping the memories but trying to forget too

Oh, oh

This winter's so cold alone”

About Gloria Kim

Gloria Kim, the Korean-American singer-songwriter behind this song, first released a demo version of this track on her Youtube channel 2 years ago. The song ended up getting a ton of attention in China and was even shared by one of the country’s popstars. People have since been asking when the full track would be released, and that winter day has finally come!

Prior to the release of this song, you might know Gloria Kim from being featured on Will Sparks’ track “Take Me”, which currently has over 2 million views on Youtube. She also has some soundtrack credits up her sleeve after getting placements on the Emmy-nominated show “Empire” and on Selena Gomez and David Henrie’s 2020 movie “This is the Year”.

After hearing the full 3 minutes and 11 seconds of this song, listeners might even find themselves actually picking up the phone and calling the person they miss because it really is better late than never (we’re rooting for you!). BRB, we’ll be drinking a cup of hot choco while listening to “Winter Without You” in the background as we wave goodbye to the winter season.


Source: Gloria Kim Music Press Release

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