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INTERVIEW: Multinational K-Pop Group PRISMA Gears Up For A Sensational Debut

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Meet Prisma, the new girls on the block in the world of Kpop!

Months after their rigorous search across Europe and South Korea, Unionwave Entertainment has recruited five girls to complete their pioneer debut group. Advancing the Hallyu Wave yet another step to taking the world by storm, Unionwave has taken the initiative to cast girls from all over the world. Miriam from Italy, Sally from the US, Nia from Spain, Eubyeol, and Gyeongmin from South Korea are gearing up to bring a dash of diversity and international flair to the K-Pop scene.

Sally | Image from Unionwave Entertainment

Collectively known as Prisma, PopMachine Media got the opportunity to chat with the charming quintet to bring you exclusive details on their journeys to becoming trainees, musical styles, and their upcoming debut. Head over to our Youtube channel for the full interview.

Miriam | Image from Unionwave Entertainment

Being one of the first multinational groups to launch into the Korean entertainment industry, Prisma is bound to stir up the waters with their unique aesthetic and speak to a wide audience in every corner of the world.

Eunbyeol | Image from Unionwave Entertainment

According to the members, their name, Prisma, stems from the combination of "prism" and "charisma". Moreover, when you shine a light on a seemingly regular prism, it will produce a rainbow; and that's what this ensemble of five is all about.

Nia | Image from Unionwave Entertainment

Staying true to the powerful meaning of their name, these girls are vibrant, talented, and brimming with star potential. Each member evidently vibes to the tune of their own individual personalities, but when they come together, it radiates melodious harmony. Like colorful pieces of one picture, Prisma is a puzzle of a rainbow.

Gyeongmin | Image from Unionwave Entertainment

Slated to debut any moment this month, we're excited to see how Prisma will set the music scene ablaze.


Source: Interview with Prisma


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