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BTS and Hyundai Show Us 7 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Wait For Tomorrow

BTS and Hyundai are on a mission to save our planet, and they have a very important message to convey: Don't wait.

Seven men posing next to a Hyundai car
BTS | Image From Hyundai

Some things are worth waiting for, but other things are worth moving for. In this day and age, you have to be brave enough to take calculated risks and to move for what you believe in. This is what Hyundai and BTS have been advocating for with their brilliant series of environment-friendly ads. These two powerhouses are using their influence to spark a positive change.

With the latest piece, BTS is featured alongside other members of the youth who are armed and ready to make a change and create a future that is safe and beautiful for everyone.

You can sit here and wish for the world to be a better place, or you can go out there and make it happen.

Don't wait for a hero. Be a hero. Tomorrow won't wait, so why should we?

Beautifully narrated by RM, there is a ton of eco-friendly lessons to pick up from this profound car commercial. Here are the 7 highlights of BTS' brand new #ForTomorrow ad! Let's go eco warriors!

We Won't Wait For Someone To Come Save Us

A man sitting on a couch
BTS V | Image From Hyundai

In a perfect world, a prince or fairy godmother would swoop in to save us, but this is the real world, and unless we want to be waiting in your tower of uncertainty forever, we need to muster up the courage to save ourselves. Hyundai always has Mother Earth at the heart of their campaigns, and it's inspiring us into motion.

We Won't Wait For The Waters To Be Cleared

A man standing in an office
BTS Jin | Image From Hyundai

People dump 6 million metric tons of plastic into the ocean every year. That's approximately 17.6 billion pounds. If we keep this up, we'll be fishing plastic out of the waters instead of fish by the year 2050.

If we all conserve water, reduce vehicle pollution, use less energy, recycle, reuse, or participate in ocean cleanup drives, we can save the future of our oceans.

We Won't Wait To Breathe Clean Air

A man recording a song in a studio
BTS RM | Image From Hyundai

Breathing clean air is becoming more and more of a novelty on this planet. If deforestation, gas-powered equipment, and factory pollutants continue to mesh with the atmosphere, clean air could disappear entirely.

How to help clean the air? Take more walks rather than your car all the time, raise a few plants, and burn fewer fossil fuels.

We Won't Wait To Uplift Our Lives Today

A man wearing a colorful blazer
BTS Suga | Image From Hyundai

Uplifting your life should be at the top of your to-do list. Don't wait for tomorrow or the next day. Take the first step into living the life of your dreams, because only you can turn it into a reality.

Let your choices be driven by your hopes and ambitions, not by your fear.

Embrace Our Now For Better: Dream, Dare, Don't Hold Back, Go For It

A man in a plaid shirt standing in front of a brick wall
BTS Jimin | Image From Hyundai

If you've been looking for a sign, this is it.

Start that workout you've been postponing, learn that new language, travel to that country, speak your mind, make the switch to hydrogen energy; whatever we can do to make the world and our lives better, go for it, because there will never be a now like this one.

Whatever we do this very moment will impact our tomorrows. Let's embrace it with warmth, love, and bravery.

Let's embrace the now for a better tomorrow.

Tomorrow Is For Us To Create

A man with blue hair
BTS Jungkook | Image From Hyundai

It's true what the wise men say: "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Tomorrow may not be here yet, but it's already ours. Don't wait for it; create it.

For Tomorrow, We Won't Wait

A man sitting on a couch
BTS Suga | Image From Hyundai

You heard BTS and Hyundai: for tomorrow, we won't wait. Let go of your fears and do it for you, do it to keep the oceans blue, do it to keep the air clean, do it for tomorrow.

Because, if you think about it, the future is now.


Source: Hyundai


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