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McDonald's hypes up the coming of the BTS Meal

McDonald's is brewing something spicy in partnership with BTS, and we have a feeling that we'll be Lovin' It.

McDonald's just broke the internet with the announcement of the BTS Meal, which was creative and quirky (hello, iconic BTS logo made with French fries!). In partnership with the South Korean superstars, we can expect this novelty to be launched starting May 26 in the 50 countries, including South Korea, The Philippines, Qatar, Estonia, Malta, USA, and Singapore.

BTS Meal
BTS Meal | Image From McDonald's

The BTS Meal

Inspired by the group's favorite order and popular South Korean recipes, the BTS Meal will comprise 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium French fries, and medium Coke with Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces.

BTS is the latest set of artists to collaborate with the fast food empire for their McDonald's Famous Orders program. The first celebrity meal at McDonald's featured the picks of Michael Jordan in 1992, and the trend continues with stars like Whoopi Goldberg, Keith Urban, and now: BTS.

BTS | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

Get your taste buds and patience ready, because we predict fleets of hungry ARMY lining up outside every McDonald's in the following countries:

BST Meal
BTS Meal | Image Courtesy Of McDonald's
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