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Enter a Whole New TinyTAN Metaverse with ZEPETO

BTS may be the biggest band in the universe, but TinyTAN rules over the metaverse.

TinyTAN ZEPETO Metaverse
TinyTAN x ZEPETO | Image Courtesy of ZEPETO

From Bangtan to TinyTAN

Inspired by BTS, TinyTAN is an adorable band of miniature Bangtans that will charm you in tiny. Officially debuting in 2020, the animated seven-piece introduced the "magic door", which appears every time they need to cheer up ARMY (their loyal fandom). From their "Mic Drop" to "Zero O' Clock" music videos, TinyTAN's powerful healing cuteness is second to none.

Fast forward to 2022, and the BTS minis are giving the original band a run for their money. BTS may have taken the world by storm, but TinyTAN is ruling the metaverse.

In collaboration with ZEPETO, fans can now enter a unique metaverse experience inspired by the TinyTAN episodes.


Starting January 21st, ZEPETO users can unlock the TinyTAN world, wherein they are invited to unleash their inner explorers by hanging out on the "Dynamite" music video set, the ARMY bedroom, and the iconic bakery from the TinyTAN episodes.

Aside from immersing themselves in the virtual space, ZEPETO users can also interact with photo booths, purchase TinyTAN-themed 3D items, and play mini-games for building friendships with TinyTAN characters.

Yes, you read that right; this is your chance to befriend TinyTAN!

But wait, there's more! ZEPETO will be releasing "Dynamite" themed items and other special 3D merch on February 9. So, you'd better set your alarms and have your thumbs at the ready!

ZEPETO: The Metaverse of the Universe

After working with industry giants, such as Gucci and Nike, ZEPETO has taken on their next big project with South Korean media magnates, HYBE and Naver Z, to bring you a futuristic TinyTAN experience. With an audience of over 280 million, there are tons of ZEPETO users who can make their TinyTAN dreams come true.

So, what are you waiting for? Get avatar-ready; because TinyTAN invites you to a world of digital entertainment where the fun is anything but tiny.



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